Valle’s Strategy For Hayashi: ‘Wait To See The White In Her Eyes’ And Attack

ELECTION ’12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | The hardscrabble fight between Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and Supervisor Richard Valle for District 2 has oddly been missing the largest target for attack of all–Hayashi’s sordid tale of shoplifting $2,450 worth of clothes from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last year.

A few months ago at a meet and greet event hosted in Union City for Valle the appointed incumbent shared with The Citizen his concern about Hayashi’s run for Supervisor and her large campaign war chest she could utilize for a campaign against him. He was critical of her phone surveys that he called “skewed” to soften the image of her crime. But while Valle has been willing to discuss Hayashi’s crime privately he hasn’t brought it up at a single public forum yet.

In fact, after his State of the County address last month Valle said he was focused more on District 2 than her career when he was asked to comment on disparaging comments Hayashi allegedly made against Assembly member Bob Wieckowski on the Assembly floor. Since then Valle’s strategy has been to praise his own work at Hayward’s St. Rose Hospital to help maintain viability and his company Tri-CED which has provided jobs to ex-cons and the unemployed. Only during the Alameda Democratic Club endorsement meeting was Hayashi’s crime alluded to during a question about ethics from a Democratic Central Committee member.

Hayashi has said then and since then that she made a mistake and confessed to it. She told The Citizen recently that people should be focusing on policy rather than a “mistake” that she confessed to and apologized.

Last night at the Union City forum the moderators never mentioned Hayashi’s crime nor did any questions from the audience. Neither did Valle or Union City Mayor Mark Green. After the forum though Valle said his strategy wasn’t to pummel Hayashi over her crime, referencing Meg Whitman’s run against Governor Jerry Brown when she played aggressive offense that Valle believes worked against her. Instead, Valle’s strategy is to wait for Hayashi to lunge and then counter.

 “She is going to play dirty because that’s what she does but when she attacks we are going to wait and see the white of her eyes and then we are going to come hard” said Valle. Hayashi’s crime is a major target open for attack in probably one of the most watched races in East Bay and while Valle says he is just waiting for the opportunity to use it against her time is starting to run short with less than five weeks away to Election Day.

Shane Bond is a contributor to the East Bay Citizen.

25 thoughts on “Valle’s Strategy For Hayashi: ‘Wait To See The White In Her Eyes’ And Attack

  1. Jumping the Shark: then you won't like the story Friday morning or the one after that about Valle's campaign strategy. Hayashi is mopping the floor with him and people are beginning to panic and its not Valle who seems worried. Sorry, but the storyline has been set.


  2. What a cast of characters indeed! As Democratic Central Committee members, Ginny and Valle both voted for Nadia Lockyer despite more qualified candidates. Neither spoke up about Nadia's transgressions nor Mary's shoplifting (until now when politically convenient). That's the type of leadership our county party has. And one already got a promotion? And one wants to get elected? Ugh!


  3. My kids will be going trick or treating as, you guessed it, Hayward's own Horrible Hayashi and Union City's Saint Rich. Looked in the costume stores in Hayward but can't find anything but Obama and Romney masks. My wife is pretty artistic. She'll do something of a cross between the wolf man and Godzilla for each. Then again, maybe a simple black bank robber's mask for each kid would work. Anyone know where I can get two of those swag bags I've been hearing about? That's just what the kids need for their candy. Why should I buy them new ones if my taxes already paid for others!


  4. 6:06, I think the operative phrase for your most recent post is “jumping the shark”.

    In trying to push a point, sometimes a post can actually become a caricature of itself.


  5. I think the key here is to continue to keep the light on how corrupt these two people are. We can't trade in one rotten crook for another. To that end, try to use the phrase “$aint Rich of St. Rose….” Note the dollar sign, which speaks to how loaded he is with the TriCed salary on top of $145 supervisor's salary. You want to remind voters that while he didn't single-handedly bring about St. Rose's ruin, he was incredibly instrumental in it. Be sure to cite the 'good ol' boy connection' of Mike Mahoney getting a golden parachute and then landing softly at TriCed. Definitely stir it up with the 'swag bag' scandal/misuse of the county seal, which is beckoning for an independent D.A investigation. She is not supporting $aint Rich nor is any county official save for the two supervisors who were bought off by Labor. This is a misdemeanor according to state election code and could result in either a significant fine and/or jail time. Finally, let's not forget the quid pro quo of Nate Miley's kid and the tainted Lockyer staff holdovers. Young Miley was 'promoted' for being Nate's kid and Ginny DeMartini is an old Democratic Party hack who is in thick with $aint Rich and on the central committee with him. She also received a pay increase and 'promotion.' All of this speaks to the graft and corruption that is rampant in the second district and that voters need to refute. Also, don't want to trade in $aint Rich for Bag Lady Mary. Voters need to turn their backs on both of them. Now it's our job to keep recycling these salient points so that they hang around their necks like rancid albatrosses.

    Remember: “Did you hear about $aint Rich and his misuse of county funds…how he lifted the county seal for campaign purposes.' Or, 'We got stuck with $aint Rich, who is no better than that shoplifter. Now is the time to make him a footnote.' You can also start the conversation with “$aint Rich is in like Flint with old Boss Miley and the Lockyers. He kept those tainted staff people on and even paid out beaucoup county $$$ to them along with undeserved promotions.' Any of these lines can be modified, but the idea is to keep stirring it up so that $aint Rich and the Bag Lady get trashed at the polls.

    We'll do it!


  6. Happy to see other people commenting on the LWV handling of forum questions. I submitted three tough questions at the Union City forum. None were asked, although an element from one question was merged into another. It was watered down, and my *tough* question wasn't asked.

    One of the questions was “Do you feel that our elected officials should be held to a high ethical standard?” This is a key issue in this election, especially on the heels of the last person we elected to this post.

    I'm pretty ticked off about the state's raid on redevelopment funds, but my question on this topic was twisted to be about affordable housing.

    Don't understand why the public cannot ask hard questions and hear how candidates respond. Isn't that the point of these forums?


  7. $305K a year Rich Valle or Valley is probably taking campaign advice from Sweeney and will mail out an over the line hit piece that will backfire just like Sweeney's senate race did in 1998 against Liz Figueroa!


  8. One thing some folks are overlooking is “what has really happened thus far” as it relates to the average voter.

    The answer is NOTHING. Aside from precincts being walked by supporters of Valle, I've seen nothing that the average voter has yet been aware of.
    These forums are totally below the radar of 99.5% of those who will vote. Doesn't really make it to the newspaper. Attendence at these events is a few hundred if you add them ALL up, and even those folks are 75% already decided for a given candidate.

    So despite all the chatter, probably less than 200 undecided voters have been influenced. The number whose mind has been altered number less than 100.

    10 precinct walkers can do more productive work than that on a single Saturday afternoon.

    So, the main event hasn't even begun.
    There are 5 weekends remaining and then, of course, the real event, the “mailer wars”. Both those of the candidates and the independent groups.

    Hopefully there will be a really effective and imaginative mailer campaign, that can manage to rise above the normal onslaught of mailers that will be filling the boxes. To stand out in that flood requires some real skill and imagination.

    That plus precinct walking.
    Obviously Hayashi will have near zero precinct walkers. I can't imagine there will be 10 folks willing to weather the blistering comments they would get every few houses.
    I know Valle has people walking, what about Green?

    Green finally got his website running, but all the phone numbers on it won't even accept calls? How odd is that?
    Then there is Turnquist, with proposals enough to keep the campaign fun (the Alameda County Lottery proposal)

    Someone with a stack of copies of the police report should trail Hayashi, handing out a copy to each person Mary talks to. Then after reading it, let that voter decide just how perposterous Mary's claims of “absentminded error”, “unintentional” and “honest mistake” are.

    You know, with all the boring mailers that will go out, saying almost nothing, voters might actually find the pages of the actual police report to be the most interesting piece of campaign material they receive.
    You see, the average voter, not being a criminal, has probably never read such a document.
    And the arrest report for Mary makes for good reading. Especially if a few sentences were highlighted in yellow marker.
    I'll bet half the folks who got that would actually read it, with its riveting details…
    “After trying on the shirt, Hayashi placed the shirt on the hanger. Hayashi dropped the hanger and at the same time concealed the items that were on the ottoman into a Neiman Marcus shopping bag that she had in her possession.”
    A crime scene “gripper”… of a document.

    Common folks, with common sense, can read that document, then listen to Mary's endless explanations, and easily sort out the truth from the lies.
    Just saying, that document is there for the taking.
    Someone out to use it. Don't under-estimate the public's willingnenss to read something real, that isn't filled with spin.
    As Sgt. Joe Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma'am,”


  9. valle should not wait to hit hayashi on the crime she committed: question should be: “who do you trust me or a thief.” get with it rich, now and not later; she is on probation-not you for crying out loud and she has not paid her debt to society-


  10. hey brother Chris Miley,

    word on the street is your dad is playing both sides of this horse race…so don't worry…I hear Mary's offered to double your salary and have you do all her shopping…your dad says you have great shopping skills…and Hayashi loves your mad blog skills…we all know who's paying your way!!


  11. It tells you something about the LWV that they would schedule a forum that conflicts with the Presidential debates. They are tone deaf to the matters of political debate, contrary to their professed interests, and they seem to not care a wit about public engagement. Although they would, no doubt, argue to contrary. Surprised that no one has brought up the fact that the 20AD forum is the only one they have scheduled with previous heard from candidates. Whereas the Congressional race is not being scheduled for a forum. Wonder if it has to do with the fact that Ong is an officer with the LWV?


  12. 12:19, Look, you don't seem to understand the rules and methods the League of Women Voters uses.

    Its not ONLY that you can't ask a question directly related to one candidates legal issues, but that they even decide which types of over all questions will be allowed.
    The screen the questions and THEY choose those they think are most appropriate for their forums.
    The want “issue” questions, not questions about the moral qualifications of candidates.

    I can almost assure you that your method of getting around their rules will NOT be allowed.
    They are in charge and they want all the candidates to feel COMFORTABLE knowing they won't be asked embarassing questions. By doing so, they want to create atmosphere where all the candidates will be inclined to attend. They screen the questions.
    In this case if they allowed such questions, they are afraid Mary Hayashi would not show up.

    So Mary's crime and her continued excuse that she was distracted by her cell phone, that it was all a “unintended” “honest mistake”…a “absentminded error'… is all allowed to stand unquestioned in the forums designed by the local League of Women Voters.
    Clearly with regard to the glaring issue of Mary's moral fitness, in this election, the League's rules take the foremost issue off the table.

    They know the public has questions about this matter, but they do not intend to allow such questions in their forums.

    Hence, once again, tonight in Hayward, Mary will skate by without being asked how she can continue to say her crime was unintentional.
    She won't have to address the details in the police report that fully contradict her excuses and claims of it all being a “honest mistake”.

    Never mind that California Law says that the elements of BOTH felony grand theft shoplifting as well as misdemeanor shoplifting, include the element of “intent”. Meaning the prosection has to prove you intended to commit the crime.
    Mary plead “no contest” to charges, the elements of which included “intent”..
    Then she walked out of the court room and instantly claimed she didn't intend to do the crime she just plead guilty to.

    There is more, much more, indicating Mary fully intended to commit the crime and also that she planned the crime long before entering the store that day.
    But that issue will never be heard at a nice friendly social event put on by the League.

    The League serves a purpose, but their inflexibiity in this election turns the forums into a farce, when the HUGE issue can't even be allowed in a question.
    The public is silenced. We are not part of the forum. We are only suppose to listen in silence and not participate with our most important questions.


  13. So, if the LOWV has a requirement you ask something both candidates can answer, ask the following question
    If you knew that a fellow Supervisor was guilty of committing a crime (since they admit to it), would you ask for the immediate resignation of that Supervisor and if not, what reasons would you use to argue they should remain an elected representative for their District?


  14. Chris Miley here again. Chill out, bro, Saint Rich will dish it to duh number 1 Hayward ho! Hey, I got my cushy job ridin' on this. Saint Rich is doin' his Buddhist thing. Got to let the cat out of the bag–not our swag bags! As soon as we were alerted we took down the photo of those county seal bags from Facebook. Mary is going down. Pop invested to much in Saint Rich to let him go down now. Said I'd have to move back home if he loses. Hell no!


  15. If Valle chooses to not to go after Mary for the shoplifting incident then I want my donation back. If he does not even TRY to hit Mary hard, I will have serious buyers remorse. I know he has a kind and gentle nature, but this is a time when he needs to be a different person or his constituents will lose and we will likely see her running for Senate. Valle wanted this seat now he has to earn it.

    Her shoplifting that was a gift to Valle's campaign and most people in his position would use it with no hesitation. Everyone is talking about Mary winning and that sucks because it is not as if he is running against someone formidable with a lot of credibility. Most politicians I know would love to be in his shoes running against a unlikable shoplifter who is disgraced.

    If she wins, that is practically inviting other disgraced electeds come back. I hope Valle does not end up failing District 2.


  16. Valle is a joke. They should have put a smarter and much more assertive candidate on there. I know the Hayward school board has somebody that would have used Hayashi as a punching bag in the lection. He would have plastered her. Valle another loser candidate. Yes let's wait until election day to really go after her. HAHAHA


  17. 7:18, Along those lines, when does early voting begin. I believe in 2008, that over 30% voted by mail.
    Have those ballots been mailed out yet, and if so when can they be mailed.
    This year even more people will be voting by mail.
    It could go over 40% and half of those could be mailed in 2 weeks ahead of election day.
    Only 3 weeks from today, 20% of people may have already cast their ballots..


  18. Wait wait ( mid Oct passes)… Keep waiting (late Oct passes) … Be patient (election day) … Attack now! …. Doh!

    This is Valle after all. His track record in pursuing higher office is bad.


  19. Come on…be creative…What's the problem with asking both candidates:

    Have “either” of you ever been convicted of a crime? Are, or have either of you served probation for a crime? If so, will you explain the nature of the crime and resulting consequences?

    If the League refuses to allow those questions…their endorsement and opinion on this race is WORTHLESS and VERY, VERY suspect!!


  20. We all need to get on the Hoyashi band wagon as she will win. Life's unfair. We should have Gail Steele or Ana Apodaca, but we don't.

    Saint Rich is damaged goods and can't compete in the big leagues, and he knows it. Really, really pains me since she is a carpet-bagger, lying, thieving whore, but we all need to get behind Mary, cause she's gonna win. You don't mess with Mary!


  21. A few points regarding the issue of Mary Hayashi's crime being discussed at the forums.
    Specifically regarding questions from the audience.

    I was told explicitly that I could NOT ask such a question. That from the League of Women Voters. Similar screening policy is in place in most of these forums.
    For example, though Mary Hayashi's moral fitness for office is certainly one of the most important issues in this race, the League of Women Voters will not allow a member of the public to submit a question that raises the issue. They will only accept questions that can be asked of ALL the candidates.
    It turns the forums into a censored exchange from the standpoint of the public's right to know and right to ask about that key issue.
    It is sitting there and essentially saying we can't discuss the elephant sitting in the front of the room.
    So, Wednesday night you won't be hearing any questions from the audience about that glaring issus.
    No matter that in editorial and opinion columns it has, in past months, been the primary issue regarding Hayashi running.
    According to the League of Women Voters, who run most of these forums, the public doesn't have the right to ask such a question.
    Just plain NUTS! It borders on being truely insane in this particular race.


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