Hayashi Attacks Valle’s Executive Pay At Tri-CED; Valle Calls Her ‘Thief’ After Forum

ELECTION ’12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi lobbed the first of many direct attacks at appointed Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle Wednesday night at the League of Women Voters forum when she criticized the supervisor of accepting a raise as a non-profit CEO for Tri-CEd in 2009 during the Great Recession to which Valle gave no response to until after the forum when he called Hayashi a “thief.”

Hayashi lead into the accusation after Valle reiterated a common criticism of state cuts, including Redevelopment Agencies (RDA). Valle said the closure of RDA’s was one of the worse cuts made by the state in the past two decades. Valle continued to speak of social service cuts by offering an example of a mobile home park in Union City where there was a rental assistance program that provided $150 to seniors who are on fixed incomes, some of which receive nothing but social security, to help pay for their rent.

“That legislation has been slashed,” said Valle. “The state of California, the state assembly and state senate, have been stealing from our cities to balance its budget,” said Valle who named social services including food and clothing, as well as schools as targets. “When is it going to stop? I think it needs to stop now.”

“I’m sure that last comment from Richard Valle was directed at me so I’ll try and address that,” responded Hayashi. She blamed the state of the economy as a result of closing down redevelopment agencies but touted the redirection of funds to “schools and public safety.” “So I don’t know what Richard is talking about when he mentions schools and food services.”

Hayashi then took this as an opportune moment to lambaste Valle with her heaviest attack yet which marked a departure from her usual, somewhat indirect, jabs at Valle often opting to attack the county instead by using the Grand Jury report as her weapon. “I’m sure as a city council member Valle had to cut services when the economy is bad so my question tonight is if he is so concerned about seniors collecting social security then why did he give himself a raise in the middle of the biggest recession in this state? In 2009 he got a $75 thousand raise and his salary became $305 thousand a year as a non-profit CEO.”

After the forum in Union City on Monday Valle said his strategy was to wait for her to attack and then “hit her hard” but Wednesday saw none of that. Valle behaved as usual, quiet and rather catatonic. Not once during the forum was a question raised about crime or ethics that may have alluded to Hayashi’s shoplifting scandal last year and nor did Valle mention it or offer a defense to Hayashi’s accusation. Only after the forum did Valle give a response to The Citizen.

Valle said that he no longer is on payroll with Tri-CED and when he left he was making about the same as he did in 2009 which is $150 thousand a year. “She was probably including my retirement but the number is high,” said Valle before he offered a harsh criticism of Hayashi. “Do you want somebody who has done good work in the community to represent you or do you want a thief to represent you?”

Valle said he did not respond to Hayashi during the forum because he “didn’t want to bring those things up at this forum because it would have been inappropriate.” But Valle did say that there will be criticism of Hayashi’s crime in a series of forthcoming mailers. “It’s the truth and the truth is what sets you free,” said Valle.

Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.

61 thoughts on “Hayashi Attacks Valle’s Executive Pay At Tri-CED; Valle Calls Her ‘Thief’ After Forum

  1. Those salaries are inflated to include benefits but still very insightful. For example w/bene Greg Ahern about half a million 2011; Nancy O'Malley $415,000 and Susan Muranishi well over $600,000 in 2011. Who is making the decisions? When Alameda County agencies fire people with police reports – why are candidates like Hayashi even ELIGIBLE ? Let's run DOJ on the Board and all the Department heads !


  2. I trust Mark Green a heck of lot more than Valle or Hayashi. He seems to be of sound character and has morals. This does not mean I agree with him on all issues, but at least I don't feel like he has other agendas that he is trying to accomplish.


  3. Mary Hayashi is truly a Thief. If she had any integrity and sense of service at all, she would have resigned her seat immediately. Instead, she kept on, the only conclusion was to collect the graft and corruption contributions for her vote. If the California Democratic Assembly Caucus had any integrity they would have forced her out.

    I am Japanese-American and am so shamed and embarrassed by her behavior, even though I know she is Ethnically Korean, she still carries a Japanese Surname.


  4. Mary no care for somebody accept her self.
    Richard he no for poor man. He not care for not rich because I know from cleening house. I meet MR Mark Green union city and he good to me and he help my husband from el salvador. I think he care for the peopole.


  5. Mary's PR machine keeps churning out material on a daily basis. Its really amazing. Daily PRWeb stuff that NO ONE will read unless they do a Google search, or unless Mary puts it on her own page.

    Now this has been going on for some time, but the reason I posted this time is because you have to look at this one and ask yourself, is it about the International Day of the Girl, or is it really all about Mary.
    Mary simply using the event to post yet another picture of Mary in fashion clothing (of questionable origin) and her ever present pearl necklace.

    “Oh, by the way, did you ever see my pearl necklace?”


    Title of the photo, “The Face of Sincerity”


  6. My bet on who wins and LOSES.

    As history is an indicator in the Aragon-Steele contest, same rule applies here. Incumbent appointee is going down, whether by a big or small percentage.


  7. If you are a betting person, I'd give you good odds.
    Not on who will win, but between Valle and Green who will get the most votes. (Hayashi could win it)

    Like Mitt said, “I'll bet you $10,000”.
    On some lesser amount, I'd give you 2 to 1 odds, with me taking Valle and you Green.
    I put up $20 to win $10 from you.
    Easy money.


  8. Green takes the election, though it will be close, followed by Hayashi, Valle, Turnquist.

    Numbers are fleeting. I'm interested only in the final outcome. Anyone but the shoplifter and carpetBAGGER.


  9. 12:51. Come on now. Just don't critize my spread and percentages.
    Come on, give me your realistic numbers, and probable percentage chance of winning.
    Ok, two sets of numbers.

    Voting percentage for the 4 or 5 candidates

    And the odds of winning in percentage terms.

    For example, a person could think Green will get about 20% of the vote, but only have a 1% chance to win.

    So, play along, give us your two sets of numbers from your highly intelligent mind and vast experience.
    Give us your version, or your stacked deck.


  10. You're also convinced the world is flat, but that's o.k., as we could care less. After this election is over, you need to get your head examined by a qualified psychiatrist. This absolute fixation with Hayashi is over the top. Keep whoring away for your brief placeholder supervisor. He's going down the path of old Bill Aragon. Remember him? That's because he wasn't around long enough. Your boy is joining him in just a few more weeks.

    As for your spread, I'm so very glad that you're not working in Vegas. The house would win every time the way you've stacked the deck!

    Good deal to the Bay Area News Group. They got it right!


  11. 12:12, The more I read your posts, the more I am convinced you are working for Mary.

    However that doesn't really bother me as it better to have you typing away here than doing something productive on her behalf.
    I should follow that same advice and just make anti-Mary cold-calls to Hayward, saying I don't care who they vote for as long as they don't elect the shoplifter who continues to deny her own guilt.

    That part of the Tribune article could not have been clearer. By the way, I currently place the odds for this election as follows.
    Mary 49.5% chance of winning
    Valle 49.5% chance of winning
    Green 0.9% chance of winning (9 in 1,000)
    Turnquist 0.09% chance of winning
    Apodaca 0.009% chance of winning
    Steele 0.001%


  12. Another apologist $aint Rich of St. Rose whore who doesn't have the balls to say vote for my shill!

    The voters don't give a flying fuck what you believe or not. We'll vote for Green, Apodaca, Steele or anyone else we damn will like and there is not a thing you can do to sway us into propping up your straw man $aint Rich!

    Viva la revolucion!


  13. 11:23 Look, I'd not be upset to have Green win the race, as I'm really only against Hayashi.

    However reality creeps in. Despite the newpaper endorsement, Green has only $7,000 cash on hand.
    The sad reality is that is less than 10% of the minimum he should have at this point to be a viable candidate.
    In other words, I'm afraid he isn't at all viable and yet many of the anti-Hayashi votes that go to him, will allow Mary Hayashi to slip in between divided votes for the others.
    That is a serious assessment.
    I simply think at this late date, with less than 4 weeks to go, that you don't have any chance with less than $10,000……..UNLESS you have hundreds of workers willing to walk precincts and make calls.

    It is my understanding… please tell me otherwise…that Green has only a handful of people willing or able to walk or call on his behalf.
    So, while its easy to “feel good” about him, if he hasn't a 1 in 100 chance, then everyone is doing is helping Mary sneak in.

    Very frustrating to see this happen.

    Why, because as you'll read in that same endorsement article today, Mary is in FULL denial about her illegal criminal activity.,

    “a convicted shoplifter, especially one who THIS WEEK still refuses to admit her illegal actions despite her recent conviction”

    She is now opening saying she isn't guilty of anything other than a “unintentional” act. She called it a “honest mistake”.
    Right in the face of the editorial board, she refuses to admit she committed a crime.
    My God, my problem is that Greens lackluster unfunded futile effort is going to allow many voters to split their anti-Hayashi vote….while she dances into office.
    I hate that thought.

    BTW, if all goes well, we'll have a video of that endorsement interview available soon.
    I want to see Mary once again say she hasn't done anything wrong.

    She needs a collective 100 pies in the face.
    She is laughing at the voters and her opponents who are playing right into her hands.
    I'm sorry, but even Green must know he doesn't have one chance in 100.
    How could he even enter a race with no source of funding? What drives a guy to do such a reckless thing? Just likes to feel important?
    Seriously, one wonders about his motives.
    Interesting that Mary is saying nothing bad about him.
    She knows the better he appears, it only helps her chances as the opposition gets devided.
    Turnquist I can understand, he is just a goofball, but Green knows how the game is played.
    Given his near zero chances, it almost appears he is trying to help Mary win.


  14. The Bay Area Newspaper Group got the endorsement right … Elect Mayor Green! He will put the people of District 2 first. He won't be pursuing higher office anytime soon nor is he beholden to labor like Valle.


  15. Sorry, maam, but just the facts–which you don't get.

    You need to go back to sleep, and get a job while you're at it. I'll take Chris Miley's word over yours EVERY day of the week.

    It is what it is. OUCH!


  16. Hey 5:22 pm, stop mentioning Ana Apodaca. For fucks sake. She's a useless, incompetent, do-nothing poser. Turn the page. She hasn't accomplished a single thing in the 8 years she's served in public office. There's no way she will progress past her piddly little spot on the Newark City Council.

    Going after Valle's staff is pretty cheap.

    You might as well tattoo a picture of Mary Hayashi's mugshot on your chest, and become the founding member of the “Idiots to elect Shoplifters who Cheat on their Husbands” mega-club. You're pathetic.


  17. Wuz up, ya'll! Chris Miley checkin' in.

    So we think we got this one in the bag, no pun intended. Really don't think the shoplifter's goin' to be goin' after my man Rich. This election is goin' be a sleeper for supervisor. Fact is that we got some raises shortly after Rich got the appointment. When he gets back in we'll be gettin' some more. Know the old expression: Show me duh $$!

    Tellin' ya, thanks on behalf of all the Lockyer, I mean Valle staff. We're here to serve you! If I wasn't hangin' on this gig, don't know what I'd be doing. Not a day goes by that I don't thank pop for putting the screws to Wilma Chan. Hey, without her, Apodaca would have been named, and she would have cleaned house as soon as she got in. Pop said she wouldn't have been his puppet. Luck of the draw, I guess. Strong-arming don't hurt neither.

    Remember my man Rich Valle when you go to vote. Hey, I need him in office more then you do!


  18. 8:40 OK, each side has weighed in. Now in the next couple weeks, lets see if Mary even uses your swagbag/seal fixation. I say, at most, its a throw away item on page 4 of her 4 page mailer.
    That never even used.
    What, you're going to spend a page of a mailer trying to lay out the issue for a public with a attention span of 39 seconds per mailer?
    You'd better grab them with something more dramatic than that. Oh, like a felony grand theft arrest complete with official mug shot and booking info. Talk about “official seals”, compare that to a “official booking form” complete with a lovely shot of Mary looking like she just went through the spin cycle in the washing machine.

    No, wait, here you go



  19. It's too bad for 7:57 that she just doesn't get it. Her mantra fixation is with only one fatally flawed candidate when two are staring her right in the face.

    Oh, well. Pitty her, as she doesn't understand that betrayal of the public trust can be practiced by more than one candidate, and in this case that is just what has happened. She's willing to give a pass to one and condemnation to another.

    Pathetic attempt to 'rationalize' but no dice.


  20. Well Green has 27 days, perhaps he can cover half a precinct each day if he isn't just dropping off leaflets. 14 precincts. What, Hayward has about 100?
    NO, he's gonna need easily over $100,000 to stay in the game. I'm betting he doesn't even have $50,000 given that he just went to the well 6 months ago.
    Of course I have no idea and his records have yet to be released.


  21. Green is known for walking precincts pretty tenaciously. He walked this district when he ran against Lockyer and then the Assembly District he was running for is similar to BOS District 2. One can argue he has more name recognition than Valle.


  22. 6:59

    “The issue is not by how much or who committed the more serious crime.”

    OMG, talking about framing the argument.

    Go to a few folks in a Safeway parking lot.
    Tell them candidate #1, was arrested for felony grand theft after stealing $2,500, took a plea deal in court and is now on two and a half years court probation.
    Then tell them candidate #2 is accused, by some unknown person, of inappropriate bag use of a county seal image.

    I'm sure the average citizen sees no distinction between the two.
    Like I've said, I'll be surprised if Mary Hayashi even deems this “issue” to be of sufficient weight to waste valuable space in her mailers.

    As to 7:16's comments on Green, I too am curious as to what he is up to.
    Has anyone seen or heard of him campaigning, door to door, or otherwise?
    I'm waiting to see his recent filing of campaign contributions.
    If he doesn't have over $100,000 on hand by now, he isn't even going to be in the ball game.

    I'm uncertain how much Valle has as I've yet to see his figures on the Sec. of State's site.
    Of course he will also have a parallel union run campaign possibly with independent mailers.

    Hayashi will be 98% mailers and she had $121,000 cash on hand a few days ago.

    Whats up with Green? Anything at all?


  23. Well put 6:59…

    let's hope Green has the skill, support and campaign structure to take advantage of the opportunity presented by two highly visible and flawed candidates.


  24. For the opponents of both Valle and Hayashi, I think that the readers of these monotonous postings can clearly discern that each of these candidates is flawed beyond any redemption. The issue is not by how much or who committed the more serious crime. The point that should not be lost is that each has betrayed the public trust. To that end, neither is a worthy vessel for receiving our votes. I would further submit that we are all adults and that there are two other candidates running for this office, Mr. Green and Mr. Turnquist. If intelligent voters choose not to entrust their votes to either of these individuals, about whom I have not yet heard or read any scurrilous accusations, then there is always the man, or woman, in the moon.


  25. “Probably will register even more than 'some woman who forgot that a few garments hadn't been paid for.”

    Thats it “forgot”…
    She probably forgot that putting those goods into the extra Neiman Marcus bag she brought with her into the store that day didn't magically transform those goods into purchased goods.
    No, clearly the video would show Mary glancing down at the bag and being reassured that since the goods were in a Neiman Marcus bag, they must have already been paid for.

    Very understandable. I often bring my Trader Joes bags to the store, fill them with food, then pay for only those items that didn't fit into my home-brought TJ bag.
    Have cut my grocery bills by 64% since adopting this practice.

    If anyone questions me, I've got my cell phone up to my ear, very very busy.
    So far NO mugshots. Who needs Food Stamps when you can shop like Mary? My only question, how can I fit a flat-screen TV into a shopping bag?


  26. Graft is graft and corruption is corruption.

    Will count as much or more since county $$$ is involved and the misuse of the seal. Probably will register even more than 'some woman who forgot that a few garments hadn't been paid for.' Wrong is wrong is wrong.

    Bet is on!!!


  27. 2:30 Side bet. “swag-bag” and “official-seal” don't even make it onto the mailers/brochures of
    Green, Hayashi, or Turnquist.

    Lets see if that is true, or if as you indicate its a a major issue. I say it barely registers a blip on the voters screen. Certainly that will be the case if it doesn't even appear in any mailings.

    Hard to imagine Hayashi is going to make this a key issue to attack Valle on.
    If not, then the only place that issue exists is here, right here, where few if any voters are undecided.


  28. Part two of the poll is how many of you know elected officials who have misappropriated their office funds to finance their campaigns?

    Bonus points if they have lifted an official seal!

    Mega bonus points if they are a county official!!

    Oh, I forgot. I know of at least one…in District 2, Alameda County!!!


  29. 4 weeks to go.. something has to break this week.

    Meaning one of these folks has to be sending out a mailer. After all the public's minds are already getting cluttered from Prop 30, 32, 37, 38, and 39 ads.
    Its only going to get more and more crowded both on air and in the mail boxes.

    Something has to go out this week.
    Who will be first?

    I'm waiting for the first “independent” expenditure mailer from one of those labor groups who are supporting Valle. A gloves-off hit piece on Hayashi's shoplifting debacle.
    I only call it a hit piece because it will be hard hitting, not because anything in it will be untrue.

    In this case, as far as Mary goes, “the truth will NOT set you free”.

    OK, lets take a poll of District 2 voters, give us a show of hands, anyone who has stolen over $2,000 from a retail store. … hands up, don't be shy now… anyone, anyone at all?


  30. By MW:

    To those of you who have been making insulting remarks about Mary Hayashi, I consider Mary Hayashi to be an “honest” and “reputable” person and also a person of great “integrity,” or at least based on the “standards” of politics.

    In fact, and as residents of Chicago and New York City used to regularly say about their local politicians and elected officials, “They are the best that money can buy.”


  31. The Alameda County Dems and central labor council created her now let them put her down. She is an abomination and should not be allowed to hold public office, just ask her democratic collegues in Sacramento.


  32. 6:06 – Do you think the readers are idiots? Valle salary is dependent on what residence pay as 75% of all of TriCED's revenue comes from fees that residences pay. The other 25% comes from selling what it collects – that's why fees for service have increased 58% since 2007 and the main reason given was labor. Meaning salaries!

    You can't be serious to compare the salary of waste management's CEO to Tri-CED – that's like comparing Caspers hotdogs to McDonalds.

    Not playing the blame game? He was on the board of st. Rose – he allowed the mismanagement to go on for years! Then he hires Mahoney to run Tri-CED! I applaud your loyalty, but Come On!

    Valle's hands were on ACAP – again on the board. Huge fiasco!

    Tell me one thing he has done to win any respect? Putting Prime Healthcare in at St Rose – that's leadership? Please sell your wares to someone else!


  33. 8:17,

    Valle's salary at Tri-Ced is not a function of what the residences pay for the service…it is a function of how the business as a whole performs…which includes what they sell their recycled products for, as well, how cost effective he manages the operations…all skills ALCO is in deep need of.

    If you don't like Tri-Ced's contract…you sure the hell don't want to know what Waste Management and Allied is doing behind closed doors with local politicians. The CEO of Waste Management has a multi-million dollar salary…

    Regarding St. Rose…he's not playing a blame game…he is addressing the issue knowing he may get attacked due to his past involvement. That takes courage and leadership to confront an ugly problem head-on while seeking elected office.

    If there is any clear cut problem in ALCO, it's the fact few elected officials have the courage to face the ugly and difficult problems confronting this county…preferring to push them off while they find a scape-goat to take the fall when the shit finally hits the fan.


  34. Watch 60 Minutes tonight at 7:00 PM.
    Segment on Luxottica the eyeglass frame maker.

    Wonder why they gave Mary Hayashi $5,000 on Sept. 29th, 2012
    Or why they gave her $3,900 in 2011,
    Or why they gave her $7,200 before that.

    Of course that pales in comparsion to the $20,000 she got from GTech in the past few months.
    I know, it all politics and money, but these amounts and others she gets, makes what she gets from organizations representing normal working folks look paltry by comparison.
    From those groups, her entire take was $2,000.
    One tenth of what just GTech alone gave her.


  35. So glad that you're clairvoyant.

    Keep telling yourself that when $aint Rich of St. Rose comes in ANYTHING but first. That will keep you warm at night. Such losers!


  36. 1:34 Ranking the top issues that will be on the minds of voters as they enter the polls in the District 2 Supevisorial election.


    #147 “Swag-bag Gate”
    #148 The pot hole in parking lot “D” at Fairmont hospital.


  37. And for G-d sake, let's not forget the misuse of county $$ for his campaign in using those swag bags–county seal and all–for his campaign precinct walkers. They were originally purchased to be used at health fairs, community events, etc. Obviously, the intent was to get his name out there ahead of the election and to inflate his profile. But to then to have the campaign outright 'steal' them, that's way too much even for old $aint Rich of St. Rose. We need an independent investigation by D.A O'Malley and/or the state fair political practices commission!


  38. Anyone know what the campaigns were doing on Saturday and Sunday?

    Valle and supporters walking more precincts?

    Green or supporters walking any precincts?
    Has he or have they walked any thus far?

    Hayashi doing anything? Has she walked any precincts or handed out anything in public?

    Oh, that Hayashi dinner or meeting where Karen Bass attended, does anyone know what or where, or who attended? I never heard anything about it.


  39. 7:38 – Valle doesn't make his $305K salary by privately selling a product or service – his salary is paid for by residents of Union City and Hayward through trash (recycling) rates. That exclusive contract prevents Tri-CED from competition which was voted in by his fellow council members. If that isn't an inside – good ole boy system – I don't know what is!

    Then to give himself a $75,000 raise in one year during a recession to do the same damn job – it just shows greed at taxpayer's expense! It may be legal but it doesn't pass the smell test.

    You offer St. Rose as his mantra – he was a board member when the place was mismanaged and caused taxpayers to bail it out at tens of millions of dollars. Then he hires the person, Michael Mahoney, who mismanaged St. Rose to now run Tri-CED – thats's leadership? Come on!

    As a supervisor for last few months – he keeps all of Nadia's staff and gives many of them raises – all on taxpayer's dime!

    Valle makes so many poor decisions he makes George Bush look like Einstein!


  40. 2:22 is absolutely correct!

    Name recognition can work both ways. Good name recognition can win elections. Bad name recognition can end any hopes of a win.

    In the case of Hayashi she has bad name recognition and it's Valle's (and the other candidates) responsibility to remind voters of that.

    Hayashi can attack Valle on his salary, St. Rose, Tri-Ced, etc…, but those are none events. A successful businessman who makes a great salary is an indicator of success, that may actually reflect he has the skills to help the county be successful.

    On the St. Rose issue, Valle has NOT tried to run and hide from the problems…he's actually addressing them head-on with hopes of resolving the problem. He has the ball's to stand-up and address an ugly problem, knowing he will take flack for it.

    Valle is proud of his work at Tri-Ced, and stands behind it and seems willing to address critics. He runs a “green” business which has helped the environment. He should be proud.

    Hayashi has not once stood-up and addressed critic's regarding her personal failures. She always runs and hides from issues she has no balls to address…though she gives you that “smile” hoping to charm you into not asking her the tough questions. And when you ask the tough questions she spins more lies and deception. And what real world business challenges has Hayashi ever faced?

    Though Valle may seem quite and reserved…considering what has occurred in ALCO over the past two years…Valle has the skills and personality to provide a grounding force for the ALCO BOS that it's sorely in need of!!


  41. 2:12 check campaign finance filings


    Thus far, I only see Hayashi's

    Enter Hayashi into the search box. You will see a list of her active accounts. All of them are interesting, each in their own way, but for now, you should first look at the one for supervisor.
    Lots of things as you click on each part of the report.


  42. 10:40, you say, “The average Joe and Jane doesn't remember the shoplifting unless they are constantly reminded”

    I've experimented with this. True, if you just mention the name Mary Hayashi, the shoplifting doesn't immediately come to their mind.
    However, once you mention it, they really do remember the event in the news.
    They often say “oh, SHE was the one, yes I remember that”

    So yes, they don't have it on their mind, but by the same token, once they make the connection, I can assure you, they don't need to be “constantly reminded”.
    Once near the election is enough, although I do expect each of them to hear about it two or three times.
    Handled correctly, they will find it a very negative issue.

    If you doubt my assertion, I invite you to go to the local supermarket, ask the person in line next to you, or just talk to a few people on the street. Do your own mini poll. The shoplifting issue is just below the surface in their memory. Very ripe.
    BTW, they take almost as much offense from the memory of the brain tumor excuse as the actual crime.
    That initial excuse was a insult to their intelligence.
    Playing no small factor in Hayashi dumping that overboard back in July. She'd been doing polling you see. Spending $20,000 on polling back in June. I'm sure the brain tumor excuse didn't poll too well.

    All the more reason to fire that issue back up.
    The LOL “brain tumor excuse”. Everyone rolled their eyes on that one. A blunder. Cooked up long before anyone thought this seat would come open.


  43. 8:44 – where is the financial reports of this race online to the public? How did you get them? I would like to see!


  44. thief-not too harsh a word-describes Mary quite well-earning over $300,000 a year and steals over $2450 at Northstums-she is a crook-who knows how many past thefts were there?


  45. Good points … Mary has better name recognition, a woman, and 6 years of mailings and voter contacts. The average Joe and Jane doesn't remember the shoplifting unless they are constantly reminded. When is Valle gonna go on the offensive? what a farce that he was the strong candidate to take on Hayashi? who said that Wilma Chan? The one who betrayed women after saying she would only vote for a woman to replace Lockyer.


  46. Voters in Alameda County typically don't pay attention to where a candidate receives contributions – just look at Nate Miley – huge amount of his funds came from pot clubs while he spent it at theClaremont Hotel and Spa destressing!

    Walkers going door to door do little more than act as a postal carrier – want proof – John Dutra had hundreds of walkers walk the district 3 times while Corbett barely did any walking and had few yard signs last minute. Unless voters are greeted by the candidate – it does little to persuade a vote.

    One woman – three mediocre men – it's over folks!


  47. Per the Alameda Co. Registrar of Voters

    “When are ballots mailed to voters?

    By law, the first day ballots can be mailed to voters is 29 days before an election. Ballots are mailed continuously during the 29 day period.”

    So, the first votes may be on ballots sent on Monday, received on Tuesday, filled out that day, and mailed probably on Wednesday.

    As indicated, I doubt more than 1% of votes will have been cast by the end of next week.
    Thus we may begin seeing mailers this coming week.

    Then you can judge how good or poor anyone's campaign has been.
    Thus far I've only heard that Valle has any substantial number of folks walking precincts.

    How about Green, has he or anyone done any door to door on his behalf? Anything at all if you know?

    I doubt Mary Hayashi or Dennis have knocked on even one door yet. I actually doubt she'll do any door to door in the next month.
    She is gonna be all about mailers. She raised $158,000 thus far. Over $80,000 of that (50%+) has come from just 9 contributors. All big outside dollars.
    $20,000 of that from one company GTech which makes lottery machines as well as gaming machines for Indian gaming sites as well as others.
    I guess they plan on having more gambling in Alameda County,

    By way of comparison, that one company gave Mary $20,000, while the total combined worker groups/unions only gave her $2,000.
    So she gets 10X more money from one company than from all workers.

    Mary, a woman for for the common folks.
    Oh yes, she wants to know what the common folks are thinking.
    Thus far she has spent $61,000 on polling. $34,000 of that since the June primary. $16,700 in August.

    Now, will all that money, all her polling, all her campaign experts, can she over come her $2,500 shoplifting conviction and 30 months on probation?

    Fasten your seatbelts, we're gonna find out just how tightly voters can hold their nose while putting a x next to Mary's name. Will 1 in 3 voters actually elect a candidate on 30 months probation?


  48. Valle can attack Hayashi on shoplifting but it will do little damage. Voters will logically say to themselves if she is qualified to hold office and eligible to run, then it's just hype.

    If he or one of his supporters post the mug shot, then it comes across as mean – any man that frames a woman in negative image is seen as a bully.

    Let's face it – Hayashi has been in office for 6 years with awards after awards – just look at her website. She's no Nadia Lockyer! A commenter earlier wrote she has mailed for six years and gets great turnouts at her events because she does what her constituents want legislatively. It's just like Stark – yes there might be someone better but they aren't running this time.

    Like Tavares wrote earlier, Hayashi will win this election. Valle has negatives out the wazoo – everything wrong at the county level his hands are all over it – St. Rose, ACAP, and now using a county seal which is most likely against the law.


  49. 4:43 when exactly should Valle's campaign begin? It's already the second week of Oct pretty much!

    Horrible campaign by a blah candidate!


  50. lol too little too late…
    valle you need to go get an application at walmart after the election.


  51. The fact that $aint Rich of St. Rose is doing wrong by county tax payers with his misuse of the swag bags, county seal and all, and you have the makings of a quickly self-imploding campaign.

    While it pains me to write this, it really does, the best scenario might just be to get stuck with the shoplifter for only two years, have her move on to the senate and then elect someone who is clean and can represent District 2 with pride, distinction, and integrity. Clearly, it's neither of these two. However, a two year stint would be a small price to pay to have a non-incumbent move forward after what will be four years of no- and crooked-representation. I realize that there are a few 'ifs' in this scenario, but I don't see a better course for the long haul. If Saint Rich does get elected, then we're stuck with him for the next three or four terms–much worse price to pay. [Note: my focus is strictly on District 2 and not the state senate, where term limits and a whole bastion of crooks make for an all-around losing situation.]

    Gail Steele, Ana Apodaca, we need you!


  52. 4:27, A interesting document. Do you know what the contract involves regarding pension?
    Obviously many civil servants, Alameda County Sheriff, Superintendent of Schools, etc, all heads of large organizations get in addition to their substantial salary and benefits, a hefty pension at the end. 70%, 80% , 90%, upon retirement.
    This Tri-Ced non-profit doesn't give one a CalPERS pension I take it, so is there any significant equalizer compared to the county, or is it just Social Security and whatever you can save on your own?

    That type of factual information is needed to make relative comparisons.
    I have zero knowledge of this organization's benefit plan.
    Not trying to downplay this generous salary, but I have a close family member who was a fire captain in a Bay Area fire department, and looking at the Tribunes data base, his TCOE (total cost of employment) was over $300K considering everything.
    He was in charge of one firehouse, not a entire organization.
    So, this must be taken in light of other compensation values.
    I don't imagine you'd like to start comparing the TCOE for various fire departments in Hayward, UC, Newark, and Fremont, and start pointing out they are over compensated, would you?

    I'll grant you it appears very generous, but I don't know all the features.
    Average the 5 years, and what do you get.
    Compare that to what? Still high perhaps.
    So why is he willing to give that up as he has indicated he has done?
    If I was purely in it for the money, I'd just stay there.

    I take it no laws were broken, and obviously all of this is public record and overseen by the organization's board.
    Thanks for the information, perhaps if you look into it you can answer the other questions that may modify the numbers. Pensions or lack thereof, etc.


  53. You know, we're all waiting for the attack on Hayashi to begin. We may be witnessing a Rope-a-Dope style technique being employed by Valle.
    Mary is firing away in a empty chamber.
    What is the “sound of a charge falling in the woods if no one is there to listen?”

    By not responding, Valle really gives up very little and yet reveals nothing about the coming campaign theme. He is giving her no preview of either his offense or defense, while she is playing her cards with no one in the stands watching.

    I think most of Mary's charges are going to be a yawn in mailers, some too difficult to get attention in a typical mailer format.
    On the other hand, the charges of shoplifting, ALL PROVEN, are going to be easily understood by everyone.
    Mary will have no defense whatsoever. Unless she tries to use the “honest mistake” theme regarding her being so busy on her cell phone, (probably doing the people's work). Oh sure, “the people” of the district can really identify with stealing the much needed $1,150 leather pants. Mary needed those to do the “people's work”.

    So, we're all eager, but I'm not so sure there isn't some design behind this tactic.

    Mary is getting confident, over confident.
    You saw some of that in the video from the September 15th Alameda County Democratic endorsement meeting. Go watch it again.
    She says she's done it before without help.


    Says similar things in the July 21 Josh Richmond interview.
    Go look at the photos that accompany the Josh Richmond interview, look at the first two.
    Arrogance from woman who is suppose to be apologizing for shoplifting. Wouldn't be bad to use those photos in a brochure.


    Face it, how many people like Mary as a person?
    Few local office holders rank lower than Mary in that category. Look at her meager local endorsments from individuals or local office holders.

    Be nervous Mary. People who smile at you are just returning the same type of smile you give out.


  54. I met with Richard and he lied to me that he made “less than a County Supervisor” (about $140,000) You can look it up on CA Attorney general site. Tri-CED listed under Tri-City Economic Corp.

    Here's Richard's listed salary
    2010 304,000
    2009 296,134
    2008 220,976
    2007 no Valle income reported
    2006 133,506

    Here's the 2010 report- his salary on page 7:

    I endorsed Richard but now may vote for Green
    A liar vs. a theif!


  55. Thief is too harsh. Valle has to be careful that his words don't make him look worse. I would have went with crook.


  56. His mailers are coming along with a slew of other mailers. His attack via mail is coming too late. Should have started weeks ago


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