Hayashi Attacks Valle’s Executive Pay At Tri-CED; Valle Calls Her ‘Thief’ After Forum

ELECTION ’12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi lobbed the first of many direct attacks at appointed Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle Wednesday night at the League of Women Voters forum when she criticized the supervisor of accepting a raise as a non-profit CEO for Tri-CEd in 2009 during the Great Recession to which Valle gave no response to until after the forum when he called Hayashi a “thief.”

Hayashi lead into the accusation after Valle reiterated a common criticism of state cuts, including Redevelopment Agencies (RDA). Valle said the closure of RDA’s was one of the worse cuts made by the state in the past two decades. Valle continued to speak of social service cuts by offering an example of a mobile home park in Union City where there was a rental assistance program that provided $150 to seniors who are on fixed incomes, some of which receive nothing but social security, to help pay for their rent.

“That legislation has been slashed,” said Valle. “The state of California, the state assembly and state senate, have been stealing from our cities to balance its budget,” said Valle who named social services including food and clothing, as well as schools as targets. “When is it going to stop? I think it needs to stop now.”

“I’m sure that last comment from Richard Valle was directed at me so I’ll try and address that,” responded Hayashi. She blamed the state of the economy as a result of closing down redevelopment agencies but touted the redirection of funds to “schools and public safety.” “So I don’t know what Richard is talking about when he mentions schools and food services.”

Hayashi then took this as an opportune moment to lambaste Valle with her heaviest attack yet which marked a departure from her usual, somewhat indirect, jabs at Valle often opting to attack the county instead by using the Grand Jury report as her weapon. “I’m sure as a city council member Valle had to cut services when the economy is bad so my question tonight is if he is so concerned about seniors collecting social security then why did he give himself a raise in the middle of the biggest recession in this state? In 2009 he got a $75 thousand raise and his salary became $305 thousand a year as a non-profit CEO.”

After the forum in Union City on Monday Valle said his strategy was to wait for her to attack and then “hit her hard” but Wednesday saw none of that. Valle behaved as usual, quiet and rather catatonic. Not once during the forum was a question raised about crime or ethics that may have alluded to Hayashi’s shoplifting scandal last year and nor did Valle mention it or offer a defense to Hayashi’s accusation. Only after the forum did Valle give a response to The Citizen.

Valle said that he no longer is on payroll with Tri-CED and when he left he was making about the same as he did in 2009 which is $150 thousand a year. “She was probably including my retirement but the number is high,” said Valle before he offered a harsh criticism of Hayashi. “Do you want somebody who has done good work in the community to represent you or do you want a thief to represent you?”

Valle said he did not respond to Hayashi during the forum because he “didn’t want to bring those things up at this forum because it would have been inappropriate.” But Valle did say that there will be criticism of Hayashi’s crime in a series of forthcoming mailers. “It’s the truth and the truth is what sets you free,” said Valle.

Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.

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  1. You're also convinced the world is flat, but that's o.k., as we could care less. After this election is over, you need to get your head examined by a qualified psychiatrist. This absolute fixation with Hayashi is over the top. Keep whoring away for your brief placeholder supervisor. He's going down the path of old Bill Aragon. Remember him? That's because he wasn't around long enough. Your boy is joining him in just a few more weeks.

    As for your spread, I'm so very glad that you're not working in Vegas. The house would win every time the way you've stacked the deck!

    Good deal to the Bay Area News Group. They got it right!


  2. 12:51. Come on now. Just don't critize my spread and percentages.
    Come on, give me your realistic numbers, and probable percentage chance of winning.
    Ok, two sets of numbers.

    Voting percentage for the 4 or 5 candidates

    And the odds of winning in percentage terms.

    For example, a person could think Green will get about 20% of the vote, but only have a 1% chance to win.

    So, play along, give us your two sets of numbers from your highly intelligent mind and vast experience.
    Give us your version, or your stacked deck.


  3. Green takes the election, though it will be close, followed by Hayashi, Valle, Turnquist.

    Numbers are fleeting. I'm interested only in the final outcome. Anyone but the shoplifter and carpetBAGGER.


  4. If you are a betting person, I'd give you good odds.
    Not on who will win, but between Valle and Green who will get the most votes. (Hayashi could win it)

    Like Mitt said, “I'll bet you $10,000”.
    On some lesser amount, I'd give you 2 to 1 odds, with me taking Valle and you Green.
    I put up $20 to win $10 from you.
    Easy money.


  5. My bet on who wins and LOSES.

    As history is an indicator in the Aragon-Steele contest, same rule applies here. Incumbent appointee is going down, whether by a big or small percentage.


  6. Mary's PR machine keeps churning out material on a daily basis. Its really amazing. Daily PRWeb stuff that NO ONE will read unless they do a Google search, or unless Mary puts it on her own page.

    Now this has been going on for some time, but the reason I posted this time is because you have to look at this one and ask yourself, is it about the International Day of the Girl, or is it really all about Mary.
    Mary simply using the event to post yet another picture of Mary in fashion clothing (of questionable origin) and her ever present pearl necklace.

    “Oh, by the way, did you ever see my pearl necklace?”


    Title of the photo, “The Face of Sincerity”


  7. Mary no care for somebody accept her self.
    Richard he no for poor man. He not care for not rich because I know from cleening house. I meet MR Mark Green union city and he good to me and he help my husband from el salvador. I think he care for the peopole.


  8. Mary Hayashi is truly a Thief. If she had any integrity and sense of service at all, she would have resigned her seat immediately. Instead, she kept on, the only conclusion was to collect the graft and corruption contributions for her vote. If the California Democratic Assembly Caucus had any integrity they would have forced her out.

    I am Japanese-American and am so shamed and embarrassed by her behavior, even though I know she is Ethnically Korean, she still carries a Japanese Surname.


  9. I trust Mark Green a heck of lot more than Valle or Hayashi. He seems to be of sound character and has morals. This does not mean I agree with him on all issues, but at least I don't feel like he has other agendas that he is trying to accomplish.


  10. Those salaries are inflated to include benefits but still very insightful. For example w/bene Greg Ahern about half a million 2011; Nancy O'Malley $415,000 and Susan Muranishi well over $600,000 in 2011. Who is making the decisions? When Alameda County agencies fire people with police reports – why are candidates like Hayashi even ELIGIBLE ? Let's run DOJ on the Board and all the Department heads !


  11. That would be like voting for Ralph Nadar


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