San Leandro Council Candidate Crow Touted Major Endorsement He Didn’t Have

ELECTION ‘12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 4 | During two past San Leandro city council candidates forums held last September, District 4 candidate Chris Crow ran through a list of endorsements, including one from Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan, the city’s representative–except, it wasn’t true.

Chan’s chief of staff, Jeanette Dong, told The Citizen last Tuesday, the supervisor has not made an endorsement in the race featuring Crow, Heron Bay Homeowner Association President Benny Lee and residents Darlene Daevu and Justin Hutchison. “Wilma has not endorsed anyone in that race,” she said.

Crow did not respond to an email Wednesday asking for details about the false endorsement.

During the Sept. 25 League of Women’s Voters forum in San Leandro, Crow last touted the backing of Chan, likely the most influential Asian American public officials in the county. However, there were grumblings even then about its efficacy.

Hutchison said Thursday the latest controversy surrounding Crow does not surprise him. “I think Chris has already demonstrated his complete and utter lack of credibility and integrity,” Hutchison said. “He has had an arrest warrant, been fired off the planning commission, made racially insensitive remarks and now this.”

He added, “Voters have a right to know who they are voting for and who is giving them their endorsement.”

Last August, Crow came under considerable fire by some of the city’s Asian American groups for comments made on Facebook perceived to be hostile to people of Chinese descent. In the posting, Crow referred to Chinese Olympic officials who charged Americans with having certain physical advantages in competition. Crow attacked the assertion, noting China won more gold medals at the 2008 Olympics games than the U.S., but proceeded to call the Chinese Olympic team “the sorest losers in the world.”

In the meantime, Crow is contending the growing number of controversies swirling around his candidacy over the past month is actually helping him gain support from voters. But, the lingering allegations may hurt Crow come Election Day next Nov. 6, according to some local observers, but may not necessarily represent a knockout blow to his chances, they add. However, according to the last U.S. Census, Asian Americans with nearly 30 percent of San Leandro’s population, became the once-entirely Caucasian East Bay city’s largest demographic for the very first time in 2010.

56 thoughts on “San Leandro Council Candidate Crow Touted Major Endorsement He Didn’t Have

  1. This no self-esteem blogger behind internet attacking folks is her way getting attention.

    Most of her stuffs are bias, NOT INTERESTED.


  2. Inferior Marga's bullying, contradict herself comments aint going far.

    San Leandro Talk, Marga Lacabe = Bowel Movement

    Chris Crow is under these movements


  3. That comment is extremely innapropriate! Steve please delete comment.

    Geez man what kind of hate do you have in your heart to suggest that. He didn't committ crimes? He has done a few things wrong, but man!


  4. Why did you flunk the bar exam, cant be lawyer, Marga Lacabe…?

    Behind computer, bullying folks, angry…

    After reading your comments and articles… no wonder… “F” on your bar exam…


  5. Because her Facebook page is titled San Leandro Talks people think she is the voice of San Leandro.
    not saying people in San Leandro are dumb but most of the citizens also believe the San Leandro Times prints news articles as well


  6. Senior Center candidate debate – watch youtube “at 4:57” Crow announced Supervisor Chan's endorsement on stage.

    Video/download on youtube by Mike Katz-Lacabe, husband of Marga Lacabe.


  7. Useless blogger Marga behind the internet typing away with her two short arms and sticky fingers away from earth!!


  8. Chris Crow for San Leandro City Council District 4 2012
    September 17.This past week I was honored to receive the following endorsements:

    1. Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan
    2. San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy
    3. San Leandro City Council Member Pauline Cutter
    4. San Leandro School Board Trustee Mike Katz
    5. The Alameda Labor Council
    6. The Alameda County Building & Trades Council
    7. Personnel Relations Board Member Louis Heystek
    8. Library Commission M…ember Jennifer Heystek
    9. Personnel Relations Board Member Nuestor Cuellas
    10. Co-Founder of Save San Leandro Hospital Mia Ousley
    11. Owner of the Englander, The Vine, and Ploughmans Jott Mangot

    and many more…to be updated on my website soon.

    Please let me know if I may use your name as an endorser. I thank you for your support. 🙂


  9. What does it tell you about Crow's IQ, made offensive comment and wrote unreal endorsment on social media without considered the consequence?!!

    His offered ideas are for Diapers!


  10. Chris Crow made offensive comment about the Chinese, we watch him like a hawk. Most of us have a snapshot of his ORIGINAL FB endorsement list – Supervisor Chan was the first one on his list.

    We were skeptical why Chan would endorses after Crow publically made a statement of your homies have small heads and chests, cheaters, and sorest losers in the world.


  11. All endorsements should be confirmed and verified in writing, Lets have both Benny Lee and Chris Crow to show them.



  12. 3:15pm keep coming back? Scare?

    Dont hope for something you cant handle… you know what, it will, dont sh*t in your pants when Sh*ts hit the Fans!


  13. Marga claims Chris Crow didn't announce Wilma Chan's endorsment in the Senior Center candidate debate; It was clear/loud on youtube by her husband, Mikey.


  14. All these comments seem so stale, but I keep coming back hoping for a juicy nugget only to get disappointed time after time. Is their an EBC Anonymous group around?


  15. Live! Live comedy relief by SL three stooges in Ba* Theatre! Come, no cover charge, will refund after the show!

    Dillman – Curley
    Larry – Marga
    Crow – Mo


  16. Here are the facts:

    Crow is the only candidate in D4 doesn't have a job.
    Crow is the one got fired by planning commision
    Crow is the one had pot possession/warrant and later blames on postal office.
    Crow is the one hopping from district to district couple months before election hoping to score.
    Crow is the one Touted a major endorsement that he never had.
    Crow is the one open his big fat mouth made offense comment while running for a seat.

    So all of above are his opponents' false!


  17. San Leandro Talk by Marga Lacabe is totally a big turn off, making fun & belittling of other opponents. Regardless of her candidate Crow's questionable behaviors and lack of credibility.

    Big Mistake to have her be your campaign advisor.

    After reading her bias article/making fun pics – I refuse to vote Crow.


  18. Quoted by Patch, Tom Abate :

    I expect Mike Katz will publish his unexpurgated video of the forum. Will the 30,000 voters who did NOT attend the forum tune in and crash the server to San Leandro Bytes? Better key in the URL now, so as not to get caught in the rush.


  19. Crow, go ahead removes Wlima Chan from your FB endorsement list posted in early Sept., you should altogehter remove youtube rebate forum video by your best friend Mikey Katz.

    Evidence have been captured in city confidential for the records


  20. Crow is a liar like Dillman!!!! Both criminals. Dillman is a closet racist and Crow supports anything Dillman says or does. They use the Patch to cover their lies! People do your research on these clowns and request their arrest records and there lies the truth!

    Dillman is involved in several bogus lawsuits. Crow is learning from ” Big Brother” Dillman.


  21. Fan of Hutchison right here!!! Keep callin them out!!! Crow is a liar and is tryin to pull a fast one


  22. on last anonymous comment-actually it is the responsibilty of the flyer's sponsors to make certain designations are accurate-democratic party central committee stated it was reponsibility of individual-no matter it is a misdemeaner to do so-it is illegal-marga better not make mistake again-these people feel they are above the law-cassidy, holmes, rose ,lacabe and not crow-sl in trouble-


  23. Would like to know? Crows campaign manager or advisor lied about being a lawyer to get herself elected to the Central Democratic Committee.

    Why hasn't the Central Democratic Committee done anything about this? Shouldn't she be reprimanded(removed) for lying-misrepresenting herself to voters?
    Are they simply going to look the other way and allow this?

    This woman (quoted in newspaper) was the biggest critic of Mary Hayashi when the Democratic Committee decided not to endorse her for Alameda County Supervisor. Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black?
    The Democrates are not looking good right now. People like this wannabe lawyer, bringing them down. Might be time I registar as Independent or Decline to State!
    What happened Lacabe, Wilma Chan won't be bullied for her endorsement? Try TELLING THE TRUTH for a change, it will make you FEEL GOOD!


  24. Should look up the story about Marga-Katz Lacabe not being a Lawyer.

    Crow and Marga CO-MOUTH ODORS of defenses.

    One of the comments from Crow, evidence his disrespect to senior citizens, he called one of our former mayors “A Bitter Old Man”.


  25. There's no truth to the comment above. I chose to leave it to show how far someone will go to discredit me or my work.

    I can't wait to read Mr. Crow's explanation on his own personal web site, San Leandro Patch. The editor probably didn't post the story yet because his picking up his kids at the babysitter's. Who's the babysitter? Marga Katz. Verifiable facts, all of them. He wrote it in a story about Marga Katz not being a lawyer.


  26. If his good ideas are such hot cakes, why no job offers, Chris Crow is not shy to brag endlessly.

    His integrity and credibility below zero.


  27. Lying about an endorsement is just further proof that Crow lacks integrity and cannot be trusted. This is not the type of person that should be representing our city and its residents.


  28. Liar Crow and Pretend Lawyer are in the library again!
    “Research and Analyzing” on their next Patch article. LOL, reminds me the picture of a BIG BLACK BEAR that was posted on FB.

    Tavares is doing his job with verified information! Is Tom Abate doing his?


  29. Lets not get off topic! He lied about an endorsement, that doesnt mean he doesnt have good ideas for the city?


  30. Oh, a couple of women are willing to talk? Send me the info so I can write a story. If it's your mom, then I already have her number. In the meantime, you're grounded.


  31. Wonder… Crow/Marga have the nerve to say Wilma Chan's Chief of Staff is a liar.

    Good Job, Steven T.!

    We read your articles like going on FB – you cool!


  32. Chris Crow probably will announce another self absorbed, deceiving articles in Patch, spin words around his way with Marga's cheap comments


  33. Crow probably inhaled when he said he had Supervisor Chan's endorsement. His campaign adviser probably high too. Both Village idiots!
    Tavares, thanks for reporting the facts. The haters can't deal with the truth.


  34. Tavares still abusing and cheating your wife???? I hear a couple of women are willing to talk!!!


  35. Another lie, how hard up must they be? Starting to self destruct. Great coaching. Can you imagine the job she does as a parent? I pity any teacher her children ever have. Woman has serious problems.
    Reminder Mac-Rose carpetbagger too. She moved out of her district (Cutter's area) to be with current love intrest. Vote all liars out. All Cassidy's cronies! Next job, recall Cassidy!!!


  36. What did you expect from this clown after all his campaign manager lied about being a lawyer and her lie helped her win a seat on the Democratic Central Committee last election.
    He has a campaign manager w/o scruples who is coaching him to do as she does, looks like he is on her diet plan as well.


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