San Leandro Council Candidate Crow Touted Major Endorsement He Didn’t Have

ELECTION ‘12//SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL DIST 4 | During two past San Leandro city council candidates forums held last September, District 4 candidate Chris Crow ran through a list of endorsements, including one from Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan, the city’s representative–except, it wasn’t true.

Chan’s chief of staff, Jeanette Dong, told The Citizen last Tuesday, the supervisor has not made an endorsement in the race featuring Crow, Heron Bay Homeowner Association President Benny Lee and residents Darlene Daevu and Justin Hutchison. “Wilma has not endorsed anyone in that race,” she said.

Crow did not respond to an email Wednesday asking for details about the false endorsement.

During the Sept. 25 League of Women’s Voters forum in San Leandro, Crow last touted the backing of Chan, likely the most influential Asian American public officials in the county. However, there were grumblings even then about its efficacy.

Hutchison said Thursday the latest controversy surrounding Crow does not surprise him. “I think Chris has already demonstrated his complete and utter lack of credibility and integrity,” Hutchison said. “He has had an arrest warrant, been fired off the planning commission, made racially insensitive remarks and now this.”

He added, “Voters have a right to know who they are voting for and who is giving them their endorsement.”

Last August, Crow came under considerable fire by some of the city’s Asian American groups for comments made on Facebook perceived to be hostile to people of Chinese descent. In the posting, Crow referred to Chinese Olympic officials who charged Americans with having certain physical advantages in competition. Crow attacked the assertion, noting China won more gold medals at the 2008 Olympics games than the U.S., but proceeded to call the Chinese Olympic team “the sorest losers in the world.”

In the meantime, Crow is contending the growing number of controversies swirling around his candidacy over the past month is actually helping him gain support from voters. But, the lingering allegations may hurt Crow come Election Day next Nov. 6, according to some local observers, but may not necessarily represent a knockout blow to his chances, they add. However, according to the last U.S. Census, Asian Americans with nearly 30 percent of San Leandro’s population, became the once-entirely Caucasian East Bay city’s largest demographic for the very first time in 2010.

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    Behind computer, bullying folks, angry…

    After reading your comments and articles… no wonder… “F” on your bar exam…


  2. Chris Crow is hiding in Mama ga's underarm – nice and warm, little smelly.


  3. That comment is extremely innapropriate! Steve please delete comment.

    Geez man what kind of hate do you have in your heart to suggest that. He didn't committ crimes? He has done a few things wrong, but man!


  4. Senior Center SL city council debate on Sept. 19th – youtube at “4:57” – Chris Crow said out loud of his endorsement from Supervisor Chan.

    Crow added another lie to his campaign!


  5. Inferior Marga's bullying, contradict herself comments aint going far.

    San Leandro Talk, Marga Lacabe = Bowel Movement

    Chris Crow is under these movements


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    Most of her stuffs are bias, NOT INTERESTED.


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