ELECTION ’12//CONGRESS 15 | There may finally be consensus in the race for the 15th Congressional District. Both candidates need to step away from Final Cut Pro and quit posting videos to YouTube.

Today, Eric Swalwell’s campaign posted a mock debate between himself and an actor portraying Rep. Pete Stark. The 12-minute long video falls flat and contrived as a clip two weeks ago posted by Stark that showed him clearly and clumsily reading off a cue card.

In this video, Swalwell plays the straight man, while a young actor with hair and eye brows colored grey, rambles through quotes previously uttered by the original Stark. However, this version of Stark, actually, looks more like Fremont’s bellicose Mayor Gus Morrison.

It’s not the first time Swalwell has tried his hand at acting. He appeared in a low-budget movie, he says, was done as a favor to a campaign volunteer. The impetus for this video comes from the Swalwell campaign’s months-long push to get Stark to debate the first-term Dublin councilman.

Those hoping to invest 12 minutes of their life with the expectation for a payoff in laughter or poignancy will be disappointed here, because there are none. Like previous campaign videos put out by the Swalwell campaign, this one is amateurish and low in production values. (As opposed to this 30-second spot put out last week by Rob Bonta’s campaign for the 18th Assembly.)

Aside from that, could you imagine any other candidate for local office this year, let alone the House of Representatives, resorting to these types of corny stunts? And, is spending time on a video of this type and at this stage of the campaign–just three weeks from Election Day–the best use of their time and energy? Or, is this a sign things are getting desperate?