Alameda County Medical Center Proposes To Operate San Leandro Hospital For Two Years

SAVE SAN LEANDRO HOSPITAL | Representatives from the Alameda County Medical Center will present a proposal Wednesday night to take over operations of San Leandro Hospital for, at least, the next two years.

ACMC will unveil the plan at the monthly meeting of the Eden Township Healthcare District in Hayward, according to its agenda posted Monday. The basic sketch of the proposal includes ACMC operating the hospital in its present configuration as a general care facility with 24-hour emergency room care, along with maintaining its current workforce, said Carole Rogers, chair of the Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors.

San Leandro Councilman Michael Gregory, in whose district the hospital resides, said he has no specifics on the proposed plan, but welcomes any partnership to keep the facility open and called it a “wake-up call” for the community to again rally around. “You want the hospital, then you need to support it,” Gregory said, directed at San Leandrans.

There are echoes, though, of another proposal to extend San Leandro Hospital’s life in 2008 that ultimately led the District to sue Sutter Health for title to the facility. Earlier this year, a state appeals court sided with Sutter and granted it ownership of San Leandro Hospital. However, the facility and its employees continue to sit in limbo as Sutter, Alameda County and the Eden Township Healthcare District sort out what comes next. “We sure have come full-circle,” said Gregory of the situation four years ago, then under the public’s radar. “This one will be a lot more transparent.”

The controversial 2008 memorandum of understanding between the Sutter and the District initially entailed keeping the hospital open for two years. Critics, however, cried foul when Sutter did not hold its end of the bargain and threatened to close the hospital early, citing monthly losses of up to $600,000. For these reasons, any short-term proposal will likely be met with skepticism. Especially since employees and labor leaders have long questioned ACMC’s perceived coziness with Sutter going back to 2009 when the two surreptitiously entered a lease agreement for San Leandro Hospital before even possessing title to the building.

The Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors will meet at the Hayward Area Recreation District Office, 1099 D Street, Hayward, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 5:30 p.m.

17 thoughts on “Alameda County Medical Center Proposes To Operate San Leandro Hospital For Two Years

  1. We need this hospital to stay open.

    I find it interesting to read forums as this, where people who don't know nothing bout nothin like to blab their mouths.

    San Leandro already serves much of Oakland. If it becomes a county hospital, the patient population is not going to change.

    If the hospital closes, the druggies, homeless, and crazies will go to the nearest hospital. They will go to EDEN hospital! Hahahaha! \

    People will go wherever there is an open door–wherever they can get medical care, a sandwich and a bed to lie. They don't care whether the name on the sign says “county” or if this place is not for profit or for profit or non-profit. Do you think they get that?

    You want to alleve the money sap? Get some state and federal funding for a drunk tank, some resources for mentally disabled, and well gee, some affordable insurance for disenfranchised.

    You can't turn people away. It's the law. So if you close one door, they will just go to the next door that is open. Longer waits and more people dying.


  2. 12:00 PM, what y'all talking about? That wall separating San Leandro from Oakland was knocked down a long time ago. Been to Bayfair lately?


  3. I was recently at Highland — their bathrooms are spray painted with graffetti. Their employees dress with their scrubs below their ass crack. Can't wait to see this at SLH.


  4. Y'all show up tomorrow night at the public hearing and make your comments. See the agenda on the web site


  5. By MW:

    In regard to the comments of 11:31, actually the way he expressed himself could have been considered almost extremely diplomatic.

    In other words, I am considerably more familiar than some people with the extreme mismanagement that is standard procedure at both Fairmont and Highland Hospitals, and which, and along with certain neighborhood medical clinics, are sometimes collectively referred to as Alameda County Medical Center, or simply as ACMC.

    In fact some of those managers are so extremely incompetent, that therefore they should not even be allowed to work as the very lowest ranking of junior assistant managers helping to supervise a five year old child's sidewalk lemonade stand.

    In fact, about the only talents some of those managers have are in: one, lying; and two, organizing phony, choreographed, scripted, and prearranged “investigations” and phony records and illegally backdated paperwork to “prove” that they did not embezzle, did not engage in activities that led to patients being seriously injured or dying, and did not retaliate against whistleblowers.


  6. Well, it is nice that some still remember me;thanks for that-as most of you know there was an attempt in 2009 to reach an agreement on operating the hospital for two years pending opening of Kaiser-that agreement fell apart when the district board fired its counsel who was putting the package together-the board spent over $3 million dollars fighting a losing law suit-instead of comprimising, it lost miserably-there cannot be a settlement without Sutter-Sutter owns the facility after all-the County should sit down with Sutter and work out a solution to keep the hospital operating-Tony Santos


  7. I feel terrible for what's going to happen to the city of San Leandro with Alameda County (aka Highland) running it. Now many of the criminals, drug users and gang members that go to Highland will be lurking in a residential neighborhood in immediate proximity to a senior center and the freshman high school campus. Look for crime and blight to go up in that area astronomically. It might save a few jobs but it will be the nail in the coffin that destroys San Leandro as a nice place to live. High price to pay for people not wanting to travel 4.5 miles to the next hospital.


  8. Maybe the commenter is referring to 2008. The Eden Township board voted for the deal with Sutter, but that was an entirely different board. When the members changed and gained a majority, that was when the push back against Sutter began.


  9. The District Board did not unanimously vote to give San Leandro Hospital to Sutter. There was one NO vote: Carole Rogers, RN. Who later led the fight against Sutter. Senator Ellen Corbett used her teeth and nails against Sutter to get them to back down to no avail. ACMC (Highland and Fairmont Hospitals) wanted to close San Leandro Hospital and move in Fairmont there. Supervisor Chan threatened the ACMC Board in writing with loss of appointment by the Sups if they closed San Leandro Hospital. At least we will still have a hospital and an ER in San Leandro, but will have to support it with tax dollars in the future.


  10. OMG, Imagine if the ACMC gets to run the San Leandro Hospital.
    Talk about mounting losses.

    I have a close friend who was on a Alameda County Grand Jury a few years ago. I read the report on Highland Hospital and how it was run. Shocking, simply shocking as money flowed down leaky holes everywhere in the system. If people could be jailed for incompetence, then half the management of ACMC would have been incarcerated.

    If ACMC takes over that hospital you can be assured that tens of millions will be lost and the loses will grow every year.
    After we raised a tax to bail out the ACMC, with in a year they had not only used up all that new tax but built up new loses on top of that.
    IT is a endless money hole. Add to their duties, San Leandro and you will create a whole new area for their fiscal incompetence to spread.


  11. If Hayashi wins the BOS seat, can we all agree to work on ousting Wilma Chan? She's the one who made the deal with labor that brought us the disappointing Valle.


  12. Corbett cares only about herself. She scrapped her bill SB 134 that would have required the transfer of San Leandro hospital to be a vote of the people – and turned it into a 5% taxpayer subsidy solar panel bill – all on her own doing. Why? On August 15, 2011 the redistricting committee put the congressional district south of San leandro and south of San Leandro Hospital. Two weeks later on August 30, 2011 – Corbett changed her bill to a solar panel bill. Why? Lots of solar companies in Fremont along with contributions.

    Unlucky for her – the solar bill was to help Solyndra. Two days after they filed bankruptcy. Too bad for San Leandro. I read on another post she has bought property in Fremont now – any confirmation?


  13. Wasn't it the Eden Board that voted unanimously to give the hospital to Sutter? The responsible people are all of them?


  14. Wilma Chan is all reputation, no substance. She had the rep of getting things done. What has she done? San Leandro Hospital, back to the original plan from four years ago. Downtown San Lorenzo a ghost town. I guess her priorities are stopping raves and coddling up to the Central Labor Council.


  15. What is Mike Gregory talking about? The reason San Leandro Hospital is still around is BECAUSE of the community's support. It was from no help from the city or Wilma Chan or Tony Santos, that for sure.


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