Alameda County Medical Center Proposes To Operate San Leandro Hospital For Two Years

SAVE SAN LEANDRO HOSPITAL | Representatives from the Alameda County Medical Center will present a proposal Wednesday night to take over operations of San Leandro Hospital for, at least, the next two years.

ACMC will unveil the plan at the monthly meeting of the Eden Township Healthcare District in Hayward, according to its agenda posted Monday. The basic sketch of the proposal includes ACMC operating the hospital in its present configuration as a general care facility with 24-hour emergency room care, along with maintaining its current workforce, said Carole Rogers, chair of the Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors.

San Leandro Councilman Michael Gregory, in whose district the hospital resides, said he has no specifics on the proposed plan, but welcomes any partnership to keep the facility open and called it a “wake-up call” for the community to again rally around. “You want the hospital, then you need to support it,” Gregory said, directed at San Leandrans.

There are echoes, though, of another proposal to extend San Leandro Hospital’s life in 2008 that ultimately led the District to sue Sutter Health for title to the facility. Earlier this year, a state appeals court sided with Sutter and granted it ownership of San Leandro Hospital. However, the facility and its employees continue to sit in limbo as Sutter, Alameda County and the Eden Township Healthcare District sort out what comes next. “We sure have come full-circle,” said Gregory of the situation four years ago, then under the public’s radar. “This one will be a lot more transparent.”

The controversial 2008 memorandum of understanding between the Sutter and the District initially entailed keeping the hospital open for two years. Critics, however, cried foul when Sutter did not hold its end of the bargain and threatened to close the hospital early, citing monthly losses of up to $600,000. For these reasons, any short-term proposal will likely be met with skepticism. Especially since employees and labor leaders have long questioned ACMC’s perceived coziness with Sutter going back to 2009 when the two surreptitiously entered a lease agreement for San Leandro Hospital before even possessing title to the building.

The Eden Township Healthcare District Board of Directors will meet at the Hayward Area Recreation District Office, 1099 D Street, Hayward, Wednesday, Oct. 17, 5:30 p.m.