Swalwell Received Support From Groups Tied To Conservative Republicans; Pro-Israel Lobby

ELECTION ‘12//CONGRESS 15 | If you access the Federal Election Commission’s campaign finance reports from a political action committee named, “Because I Care PAC,” (BICPAC) you will find the pro-Israel group lavishes thousands in contributions on some of the biggest names in the Republican Party.

The Boca Raton, FL PAC gave Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign $5,000 last year along another $1,000 this past August, according to recent FEC finance reports released Tuesday. They gave House Speaker John Boehner $1,000 last June and his lieutenant, Rep. Eric Cantor, received $2,500. Ultra-conservative presidential candidate Rick Santorum also picked up $2,500 earlier this year.

George Allen, the Virginia senate candidate who once called a black person “macaca” pulled down $1,000 from BICPAC. Texas Tea Party Rep. Ted Cruz received campaign donations, as did Rick Berg, the Republican candidate for Senate in North Dakota, who once advocated for incarcerating women who attained abortions even after rape.

The list of contributions from BICPAC is an illustrious group of ultra conservatives who will likely continue to pursue far right-wing political positions well into the next decade. But, then there’s one name on BICPAC’s list of contributions completely unknown to anybody outside of the East Bay.

However, BICPAC also contributed $500 to Dublin Councilman Eric Swalwell’s congressional campaign last Sept. 18, according to his most recent FEC filings. Although, BICPAC is listed as a non-partisan committee, it typically contributes to Republicans in vastly greater percentages, according the government watchdog site, OpenSecrets.org.

In the third quarter, Swalwell’s contributions from PACs rose significantly from just a few thousand dollars during the entire campaign to $40,250 in the last three months alone, according to the reports.

From July to the end of September, Swalwell raised $233,936 in donations to his campaign with $161,116 in cash remaining. Rep. Pete Stark reported a slightly better financial haul with $266,871 in contributions, while still sitting on $537,749 in cash on hand. The clear money advantage for Stark will likely be flexed in the last few weeks of the campaign certainly in the form a flurry of mailers to district voters.

As reported last week, Swalwell’s increased viability to PACs has often come from groups historically hostile to Stark’s record, primarily in the health insurance industry and pro-Israel lobby. The medical insurance firm, Wellpoint, Inc, long a target of Stark’s, gave Swalwell a total of $5,000 from its PAC. Swalwell has also received support from medical firms, Allergen, Amgen, Merck and Pfizer totaling $9,000 in the past few months.

Swalwell’s pro-Israel stance articulated early in the primary season also attracted extensive support from Jewish groups outside of the district. In addition to BICPAC, Swalwell received $5,000 from the National Action Committee and $2,000 from both the World Alliance for Israel PAC and National PAC. Support from groups with interests in protecting Israel gravitating towards Swalwell is not at all surprising. Over Stark’s 40-year career in Congress, he has never been reverential to the Israel lobby and has generally stuck to pacifist views both domestically and internationally.

Conversely, Stark has never been shy in accepting PAC money, particularly from groups seeking his influence on the House Ways and Means health subcommittee. Roughly three-fourths of his campaign contributions come from PAC associated with the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

18 thoughts on “Swalwell Received Support From Groups Tied To Conservative Republicans; Pro-Israel Lobby

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  2. hey lori – you really swallwelled the cool aid.

    just out of curiosity,

    1. have you ever been to one of the congressman's community meetings? my guess is … uh… no?

    2. have you asked Eric where he actually “lives”? and once you know, please come back with an update.

    3. who knows? honestly i think this is a stretch – but have you asked where is Eric's income coming from these days? oh yeah, the same developers that are lowering home prices in Dublin by flooding it with high density, low quality housing on the backs of local taxpayers…

    4. i think this point has been made and guess what, you and your tea party friends ALL take the same benefit. your double standard is laughable.

    5. who cares?

    I think you got a teeny tiny bit of misinformation or flat out BS that you bought hook, line, and sinker. Good for you. You have proven to the 50k readers here that you are simple minded. Congratulations 🙂


  3. He's obviously joined the “dumb, unethical politicians guild” with Crow, Hayashi, Armas, Heredia, and Young. Thanks for illuminating this, Steve! Go, Steve, Go! Can't wait for the beans!


  4. Ms Tea Party, I should divulge that I know people that run or participate in campaigns or government? It's amazing to you that a reporter is somehow friendly with them? You really think that makes sense or do you always have contempt for those who gather the news for you?

    Ask Swalwell why he ran away from me for a second time because I asked him a tough question. I'll tell you why. It's because I don't fall for shit like the Chronicle and Tribune. Do you know who else ran away from me? Assembly candidate Joel Young. Ask him what he's doing right now.


  5. 5 Things for you to noodle on
    1. I do not care who donates money to who, if someone gets into office and they do not represent us, VOTE THEM OUT. Simple as that. It seems to me people have forgotten that Stark is OLD…he misses votes, he is acerbic to us little and common folk, but since the Corbett / Khanna / Hosterman for Congress pecking order has not been fully examined lets give the old geezer one more run at it…why not??

    2. Pete lives in MARYLAND…not that big of a deal right? WRONG, he claims the tax exemption for this….no report of that here.

    3. His OWN SON who works with Councilmember Swalwell has told stories to fellow DA's about the shopping center his daddy pete gave to him for graduating from Law School. NICE…then why did the Younger Pete take student loans, at ZERO percent, how did he qualify for those FEDERAL LOANS…DADDY PETE helped in the late 80's

    4. The help from Pete keeps on giving…his own kids get a check for 595 per month…EACH child does….yes they do, but NO REPORT OF THAT HERE…WHY NOT? Because that would make the poor democrat and the blueness of this District look bad, but it is the truth

    5. The Campaign Manager and former candidate for the Assembly against Hayashi, Teramoto and yours truly Steven Tavares…are chums. Yep, shouldn't you divulge that?


  6. You see I like Stark, huh? What do you see when you read the Chronicle or BANG? Tell me what you know about Swalwell from them. NOTHING! I can tell you I know a whole lot about him and I'm going to spill the beans very shortly. I'm writing this from the Dublin council right now. Swalwell's right in front of me. Has any other reporter bothered to sit here and watch him and find out what he's made of? Of course not.


  7. Pete Stark will win by a huge landslide the more people get to see what this Swallwell really does in his elected position and his campaign contributions.

    Has Swallwell done anything that can make me vote for him again. he has completely neglected his position in the city council???? I am sorry I voted him in for council. Bye Bye Swallwell


  8. @Steve, don't know if you live in Pete's district but we got a piece in the mail today that you should see about all the OTHER special interest money Eric has been taking. $500 is $500 but $55 THOUSAND DOLLARS from PRIVATE developers doing business in Dublin under the Swalwell/Sbranti watch?!!? Then cozying up to Republican and Conservative groups just for a buck? No thanks Eric, I'm sticking with the DEMOCRATS.


  9. You take whatever you want from this story. Either it's not important that Swalwell has ties to these groups or you would never vote for someone who works with conservatives. But don't tell me this is a non story because it is. For many reasons, including this: because I say it is. I'm the editor and I represent a large readership that cares about keeping the East Bay dark blue.

    This is not me being cocky, but no different than when the editors at BANG long ago decided closing community hospitals in San Leandro and Hayward was not important to them or their readers. I, however, think it is very important and have written over 200 articles about it over the past three years.


  10. These PACs give money usually to both Democrats and Republicans but their party alliance is usually revealed by who they MAINLY give their money to. In this case it is Republicans. As for Wellpoint, in California the Democrats control the state, so even if they prefer Republicans, they will have to try and buy out Democrats in California.


  11. Gosh, guilt by association. The guy gets $500 from a insignificant PAC that in all of 2012 only gave out $30,000 across the entire nation at last report.

    So we're to assume that Swalwell is influenced by $500 while Pete remains some how clean by comparison while collecting $550,000, mostly from big money health PAC.

    Of course we know the article wasn't really implying that, but even mention of $500 seems a stretch when we're talking about half a million to be dumped into this race by Stark over the next 20 days.
    That's $25,000 per day for Pete, and yet we're focused on $500 total from this obscure PAC.

    We've already discussed Wellpoint where we see they also give to many other California Democrats, including several Northern California congressional members with excellent progressive credentials. Also former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass in Southern California.

    How about a contribution 40 times that size from G-TECH to Mary Hayashi? $20,000


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