[VIDEO] Quirk Following Swearing-In: ‘I’m On Cloud Nine’

ASSEMBLY | Following Hayward Assemblyman Bill Quirk’s swearing-in last Monday, he spoke to California Politics TV and described the moment as a “dream come true.”

In the video below, Quirk says his priorities are improving education and creating a more friendly environment for businesses to thrive. Near the end, Quirk, who beat Democratic challenger Dr. Jennifer Ong last month by just over 900 votes, also said he has reservation about linking renewable energy to the existing state power grid.

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  1. Don't forget Quirk that 50% of us do not like you.


  2. Bill hire someone to be the District Director with little experience, he thinks has experience because she is attorney.


  3. Bill also thinks he is more intelligent than the rest of us. A poor choice of assembley


  4. Concerned about integrating renewables into our electric grid. Why is Bill concerned about incorporating innovation via renewable energy, wind & solar, into our energy grid that relies heavily on global warming-catastrophic climate changing-fossil fuels? Sounds to me like Bill is already catering to the special interest that got him elected!


  5. Quirk hired an inexperienced district director because she was cheap. Starting out and not chairing a committee – your budget is the same as any Republican. A member from Bay Area who is against renewable energy seeks just one term. Bill listen to your constituents, not Calpine! You won – no need to be a puppet.


  6. Quirk hired an inexperienced district director because he is an idiot. That woman is not an attorney. She's a former entry-level Corbett staffer, that Corbett pushed into his office.
    He's already starting out on the wrong foot, hiring piss poor staff, and taking a back seat on important local issues. Watch the video Steve posted above and wait until the last 5 seconds. Here's a Bay Area lawmaker speaking against innovation and renewable energy! He's taken one too many stands against our local progressive friends, including declaring his opposition to renewables!!


  7. Bill thinks he is smarter than the rest of us. His District Director has no experience.


  8. Concered for Renewable integration ? Or to not allow for integration? Very vague. If calpine bankrolled him, they are same company that promised clean energy ( for other cities in the peninsula , because it's not generated in their town) and I giving Hayward children a pack a day habit of damaged lungs from their generation plant .


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