Hayward Assemblyman’s Musician Son Poses In The Buff For S.F. Bay Guardian

Bill Quirk’s son, Ian, on the left.
PHOTO/Matthew Reamer, SFBG

ASSEMBLY | Assemblyman Bill Quirk’s dour demeanor has been written to death, but his son definitely does not take after his infamously straight-laced father.

In the Feb. 13 San Francisco Bay Guardian cover story that featured rising Bay Area bands, Quirk’s son, Ian, a drummer for the group Trails and Ways, talked about their body of work and, well, their bodies of work.

The Oakland quartet, whose music the weekly described as “dream pop,” posed semi-nude with paper maps covering their—again—“personal instruments.”

While the young Quirk’s musical career appears to have great possibilities, the first few months of his father’s first term in the State Assembly has been without distinction. With just two days left before the deadline to introduce new legislation, Quirk, who represents the 20th District covering Hayward, the Tri Cities and parts of Fremont, has offered just a single bill.

Although it’s very early in Quirk’s term, his slow start in Sacramento has given rise to whispers among possible opponents in 2014, including Dr. Jennifer Ong, the Democrat he defeated last November by just 917 votes.

4 thoughts on “Hayward Assemblyman’s Musician Son Poses In The Buff For S.F. Bay Guardian

  1. Believe Quirk is very conservative, except when he wears hideous yellow pants and crazy 60's shirts and platforms, and stands with arm around Mary Hayashi. Dialogue about Hayward being this bastion of politically liberalism is totally inaccurate. Just look at the people we elect. City councils in south county, including Hayward, are not liberal based on adopted policies. Quirk, Piexoto, Jones, Sweeney, Salinas, Zerneno, Corbett, not liberal. Maybe some tree huggers in the group, but not liberals. When will the demographics of our electeds begin to match that of our citizens. When will policies be more inclusive, and not just window dressing. You know Cinco De Mayo and MLK events.


  2. By MW:

    The public impression that Bill Quirk conveys of himself is that of a person who is very conservative in his personal lifestyle, and in other words definitely not a Berkeley hippie type.

    However if his son is the exact opposite and at least fairly regularly causing Bill Quirk extreme aggravation and/or embarrassment, perhaps it is proof of that old saw, “Insanity is hereditary, you can get it from your children.”


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