SAN LEANDRO | Following two hours of testimony from San Leandro residents over a proposed ordinance allowing up to two medical cannabis dispensaries within city limits, council members commented upon the seemingly even number of those in favor and against.

However, a week earlier the pastor for San Leandro’s Heritage Baptist Church urged members of the congregation to “flood” the city’s office with a letter writing campaign against the plan.

“They need a flood there,” said Pastor Alan Fong said during a Sunday sermon Feb. 3 for the need to sign a form letter to be given to city officials in opposition of dispensaries. [AUDIO of the sermon can be heard below.]

At the Feb. 12 informational hearing regarding the city’s proposed ordinance, four council members made note of the large number of letters received from the church. Councilmember Diana Souza, also an opponent of pot clubs in San Leandro even noted 95 percent of the correspondence came from members of Heritage Baptist Church, located on Merced Street.

“We must let the city know there’s a strong voice of strong opposition against medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of San Leandro,” Fong said in the recording.

Councilmember Jim Prola also noted the inordinate number of letters from one group, but cautioned the strength in numbers did not constitute citywide opposition to dispensaries. Over 100 members of the church also attended the well-attended Feb. 12 hearing.

Whether the ordinance, which has no timetable for discussion at the City Council level, is ever passed, its future is in the hands of the Lord, according to a recording of the sermon earlier this month. “We’re not going to win this in the power of the flesh,” preached Fong. “It’s going to be in the power of God.”