Oakland Official Says Sorry To Wolff While Urging For Communication

OAKLAND COLISEUM | Two days after two Oakland officials accused A’s co-owner Lew Wolff of failing to forward a letter last December indicating his interest in extending a new five-year lease at the Coliseum, both officials apologized after discovering they had indeed received the correspondence, according to an East Bay news report.

Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana said she found Wolff’s letter amid a collection of unread emails sent during the holiday furlough period. Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell also apologized to Wolff for their comments at a Save Oakland Sports event on Monday. Blackwell has been the city’s point man in negotiations for Coliseum City and told fans Wolff will not speak to city leaders and called for new ownership.

The revelation is another black eye for Mayor Jean Quan’s administration which, in the past, has been accused of fudging facts and figures when it comes to rising crime in the city. Although all parties now realize their error, it is not clear when the mistake was discovered. Quan sent an email to The Citizen Tuesday evening, around 8 p.m., maintaining she never received copy of the letter and only learned of its contents last December from media reports.

Regardless of the controversy this week, there are palpable signs behind-the-scenes maneuvering is going on between all parties from the city, county, the A’s and Major League Baseball. The Los Angeles Times also reported Wednesday a nondescript article claiming “tentative guidelines” for the A’s to relocate to San Jose. However, the report also acknowledges it may not mean the team would ever move to the South Bay.

Pretty confusing stuff, but Rhamesis Muncada, a blogger who has extensively covered the A’s stadium saga believes the underlining issue of compensation due to the San Francisco Giants to relinquish their rights to San Jose may not be as pressing as many believe.

In any case, Blackwell and others have reiterated a belief in the next 60-90 days being crucial for the future of Coliseum City. We might be wise to listen to how he parses his words in the coming months.

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  1. Blackwell has been the city’s drop man in speaking for Coliseum City and told fans Wolff will not speak to city leaders and called for new ownership.

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  2. I was at the Save Oakland Sports meeting last Monday night. Fred Blackwell said the next 60-90 days are very important in strike a deal with the Raiders for a new stadium. because of the NFL owners meeting comming up. The next 60-90 comment was not about the A's or Coliseum City as a whole.


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