Wieckowski Wants Issue Of Reversing Citizens United On 2014 Ballot

ASSEMBLY | At the end of the last legislative session, Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski successfully passed a resolution calling for Congress to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s contentious Citizens United decision. Now the Fremont legislator wants to put the same matter before voters in 2014.

If passed by the Legislature, the bill (AB 644) offered by Wieckowski Thursday, would place the issue of excessive and unregulated campaign finance dollars unleashed by the 2010 higher court ruling on the 2014 mid-term ballot in November. If approved by voters, it would call on the state’s congressional delegation to introduce and support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution effectively reversing the Supreme Court ruling.

“Now it’s time to let all Californians have their voices heard,” said Wieckowski. “This is an issue people feel passionately about because they know the campaign finance system is skewed against the interests of the working poor and middle class.”

Liberal cities around the nation have sporadically passed grassroots measures in opposition of Citizens United since its ruling. A similar ballot measure will appear on the ballot in next May’s mayoral race in Los Angeles, while the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution last year also calling for Congress to act.

Despite the overwhelming presence of super PAC money attempting to sway last November’s presidential and congressional races, the status quo remained. Democrats were still able to retain the White House and the U.S. Senate, while Republicans held their majority in the House.

3 thoughts on “Wieckowski Wants Issue Of Reversing Citizens United On 2014 Ballot

  1. Anon 10:07 am. You are sloganeering the right wing talking points. The issue here with Citizens United is not about union donations. It is about how much can an individual donate. Donald Trump is not a union nor is Warren Buffet. In a union we do not have contributions for folks like these. They are contributions from the poor and middle class and I wonder if they individually contribute more than a couple of thousand dollars each.

    Can you figure our Democracy where the Senate leaders' votes are weighted times 25 than the other members of the Senate? Or the Speaker's vote having such a high weightage?

    That is the fundamental issue and I support Bob Weickowsci's effort.


  2. The problem is not “excessive and unregulated campaign finance dollars.” Because, if it were, Wieckowski would need to introduce a bill to regulate Union campaign spending. The issue is some Campaign Animals are more equal than others. Elites in Sacramento think they should decide who has a voice and who does not.


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