California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer speaking, Apr. 13, at the Democratic Party
State Convention in Sacramento. PHOTO/Shane Bond

CADEM CONVENTION | No moment emphasized the general smugness of California Democrats this weekend than a Top 10 list delivered by State Treasurer Bill Lockyer that skewered the downtrodden state Republican Party. Afterwards, Democratic Party Chairman John Burton drolly teased Lockyer, saying, “He also prided himself on being a policy wonk. Below is Lockyer’s Top 10 reasons “Why saving the GOP will be a lot harder than they think.”:

10. Gucci loafers clash with tin foil hats.
9. The GOP bench appears to be carved out of balsam wood.
8. The new GOP plan to focus on nuts and bolts means nominate nuts and watch the voters bolt.
7. The GOP platform committee is being sued for copyright infringement by Leviticus.
6. Lately the GOP legislative caucus has been held in the Capitol elevator.
5. Some of the GOP elites may want to offer immigrants a pathway to citizenship. Tea Partyers want to offer one to Barack Obama.
4. The recent GOP autopsy on the ultimate cause of Republican woes can’t decide between foot-in-the-mouth disease or head up ass syndrome
3. GOP elephant is too large to hide behind the Koch Brothers’ front groups.
2. Mitt Romney is in La Jolla and still writing his inauguration speech.
1. Women still have the vote.