CADEM CONVENTION | Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told California party delegates in Sacramento a progressive agenda in the next year cannot be achieved without regaining control of the House of Representatives.

Pelosi said a wish list of national party platform items such as raising the minimum wage, enacting gun control and climate change legislation, as well as closing the growing income gap, will need support in the coming mid-term elections next year.

She was singing to the choir Saturday afternoon, in some ways, with a state that has been successful is fighting back Republican encroachment at every level of government.  Pelosi ticked off a roster of new California House members numbering 11 this past year, including six new seats to the Democrats column—half of which constituted the total gains in the House by the entire party last November, but she wants more, including additions to its already diverse group of representatives.

“Now we are in a better place,” said Pelosi of the party’s House diversity. “We respect you and we’re not better than you and our caucus and congress is better for all of this diversity.”

Economic disparity is crippling the middle class, said Pelosi, along with hefty job losses and cuts to education. “Nothing brings more money into the treasury than education,” she said.

References to Koch Brothers, wealthy financiers of various right wing causes, were made on numerous occasions during Saturday’s general session. Pelosi called for campaign fundraising reforms, in particularly broader disclosure of large contributors.

She also backed various efforts in California and nationwide calling on Congress to repeal the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens Untied ruling in 2010 giving wide latitude to wealthy donors to exert great individual influence over elections. “We must empower small donors and reduce the role of big money,” said Pelosi.


  1. “Economic disparity is crippling the middle class, said Pelosi, along with hefty job losses…”

    LIke all those jobs that are going to be lost to the illegal immigrants that the Dems want to provide amnesty too? All those jobs that might raise 25% of Oakland into the middle class. Pull someone else's leg, babe.


  2. By MW:

    But what is prominent Democratic Party politician Nanny Pelousy going to do if the voters decide to drain the swamp again.

    I remember not that long ago when a fairly recent election was approaching, if I remember correctly it was the election of 2010, Pelousy kept on talking about how they (meaning she and the rest of the Democratic Party) were going to drain the swamp. So the voters decided to take her up on it, and therefore voted overwhelmingly Republican.

    As a result, the House of Representatives went from a Democratic majority to an overwhelming Republican majority, and which also caused Nancy Swamplosi to lose her position as Speaker of the House.

    In other words, Nancy Swamplousy should be careful in regard to some of the things she wishes for, since she just might get some of them all over again.


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