Former Hayward School District CFO In Line To Be Its Next Superintendent

HAYWARD//EDUCATION | The Hayward Unified School District’s recently departed former chief financial officer may be a front runner for its vacant superintendent’s job and could be named interim as early as this Saturday, sources tell The Citizen.

Stan Dobbs, who resigned from his position in the school district’s business department to take a similar job at the San Diego Unified School District just last November, is one of five potential candidates for interim superintendent.

Hayward’s last superintendent, Dr. Donald Evans, announced he was leaving the district last month to lead the Berkeley Unified School District. Evans starts July 1.

Dobbs, however, left Hayward last November to sign a 3 year contract in San Diego earning him a $173,000 annual salary.

Front runner or not, Dobbs’ strength comes from his recent knowledge of the district and a concerted push by the Hayward Education Association. The group is already mobilizing support among its ranks in favor of Dobbs, along with other Hayward officials and residents.

The teachers union’s support for Dobbs is quite surprising. He lit something of a firestorm among teachers in San Diego last February for a litany strong criticisms against teachers. According to news reports, Dobbs said there has never been a study that backs the prevailing wisdom larger class sizes are a detriment to students and teachers make too much money.

Dobbs also claimed the composition of school board’s are solely created by labor unions. A few weeks later, he apologized for his statements.

Members of the Hayward school board will meet Saturday, 9 a.m. in closed session at the District’s office to decide its next move.

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  1. Good Lord! When will it stop!


  2. The teachers union in Hayward and the clown leader Mercedes Faraj are a farce in Hayward. The teachers union in Hayward will support anything to line their pockets.


  3. The HUSD school needs to be removed for bringing this idiot back. I guess they don't remember what kind of an idiot he was in matters of school budget for HUSD. The board needs to look at their own videos so they can be reminded how dumb this guy really is. Just as he is flapping his mouth in San Diego about mistaken finance numbers he was doing the same thing here.

    HUSD school board wake up an act with your brains for the first time.

    Being a teacher my self in Hayward for almost 10 years I do not support my union or my corrupt president Faraj in this endeavor either.


  4. Why on God's earth would HUSD even consider this man. He left to take, one would presume, a better job in the middle of this school year. Now, because he has gotten into hot water with the teachers in San Diego, he wants to come back to HUSD..for how long this time? The mere fact that he job hops should be warning enough for a district as fragile as HUSD is. But then we know how it works don't we…take whatever the politicos and the union recommends.


  5. In case you are interested, check out these websites for more on Stan Dobbs:
    The Starting line-Petition Drive Seeks Removal of SanDiego School Official
    San Diego School Superintendent Apologizes for CFO's “Factual Errors”
    There are several more from the San Diego newspapers that have articles.
    This man is a mess just waiting to land in HUSD!


  6. This is very damning.

    3:50 did you mean o remove the HUSD school board. If so I agree get that board out of here for trying ti bring that Dobbs back.


  7. Where does the school board find these people. I say fire the Hayward School board of trustees for thinking of bringing back a CFO Stan Dobbs that does not know how to quote numbers right. Fire all trustees.


  8. I suggest you do what I am going to do. Call them, blow up their phones and emails.
    McGee: 510..999…8092
    Walker: 510..786-2638
    Taylor: 510..909..6469
    Brunner: 510..331..3062
    Reynoso: 510..274..1807

    You can get their emails at the HUSD website.



  9. People get the kind of government they deserve. Think about it.


  10. Get rid of the teachers union and the school board. Just watch how that reject president Mercedes Faraj behave sin school boards ans that is why I agree with the postings here. The teachers have all under their command.


  11. To 5:25pm: Unfortunately the children of Hayward Schools don't get a vote. They deserve more!


  12. Dirty union whores!


  13. Dobbs seemed unremarkable when he was here. Sign him up! He's a perfect fit!


  14. 7:07pm: Sad but so true.


  15. I too am a teacher for HUSD and have enjoyed reading the blogs and I am very upset. Hayward is a BAD teachers union whore town. Good job Mercedes Faraj you are a waste of my union dues. Now we all look bad.

    Citizens of Hayward please believe me there are plenty of us teachers that wish the old guard of Mercedes Faraj will just go away. She is one dumb rude embarrassment for us teachers and like they say…just watch her in board meetings. I am so embarrassed.

    I support the teachers union more in San Diego than in Hayward to dump Stan “data” Dobbs.

    My fellow friends teachers in San Diego sent me this link as they are writing about him down there too.


  16. As a San Diegan, I look forward to Hayward hiring this guy back. We are so done with him down here. He claims to be “Data Dobbs” yet he grossly misstated teacher salaries here. If he can't get that number even close to accurate, how can he claim to be a data guy?


  17. grossly misstated?

    Stipends, extra hours, professional development, and travel conference?

    He was telling the truth. Truth hurts, doesn't it?


  18. CFO? When did a school district become a corporation? These pseudo titles kill me. Has Dobbs ever taught in a classroom? Has he ever been a site administrator? Does he even know the inner workings of a school site? HUSD is not a business and not the military.


  19. Superintendent as CEO, of a failing company with less than 50% positive output.


  20. We don't want a Politician, puppet nor job hopper as Superintendent.


  21. In case anyone is interested, San Diego Unified thinks Dobbs is out on family leave…Guess HUSD is his new family????


  22. check out articles published by the Breakfast Club, a caucus of the san Diego Teachers Union. They are the ones that led the charge against Stan Data Dobbs, not the Union leadership ( or lack of leadership)


  23. This is where dumb ass bad data dobbs is mentioned:

    I am ashemd of my teachers union HEA good job Mercedes Faraj..did you sleep wit Dobbs too?


  24. I am a teacher at HUSD for over 21 years and too am disgusted on the direction Mercedes Faraj has taken to support this CFO know nothing bozzo of Stan Dobbs.

    Dear Pres. Faraj,
    Stop being an idiot and support us teachers and not Stan Dobbs.

    Also, please refund my union dues since you have done nothing but to support a bad adminitrsation at my high school, and stop being so ghetto in board meetings that are televised.

    Your behavior makes us teachers all look awful. Like several teachers in this blog I too am deeply embarrassed because of you and your sidekick Vice Pres Mary Walsh.

    Down with Stan “bad data” Dobbs and Merceded “dumb ghetto” Faraj


  25. Chien Wu Fernandez in line to be Hayward's new Superintendent ? This can't be true!


  26. There is an opportunity for members of the public to speak to the board before they begin the interviews. Maybe some of us should show up and speak our minds about Mr. Dobbs. I am sure the union will be there to sing his praises.


  27. Mercedes Faraj and Mary Walsh are the poor leadership of the teachers union that want Stan Dobss back. These people do not care about HUSD. I agree as well that these two when they speak they embarrasse us teachers. We need new leadership at HEA.

    Bad teachers union we have. I share the same sentiment above. Please give me back my unions dues.


  28. 12:26 If you are a HUSD teacher then tell us who you are, or you don't have the decency to do that?
    Because Mercedes Faraj and Mary Walsh are good people and I have never seen them be “ghetto” like some are saying here. I personalty enjoy how they treat the school board.


  29. Clearly you have not seen Mary Walsh address the board of education. She is a ghetto as they come. She dresses like a slob; speaks as if she is better than anyone; lines up her students to support her for extra credit; in general she is a very poor representative of the teachers in HUSD.


  30. Over all of the years of changing superintendents, budget shortfalls, poor testing, and the massive achievement gap, the one constant has been HEA leadership. I say HEA leadership because I view HEA leadership as a self serving beast that has no resemblance to it's membership. HEA leadership is part of an old guard in Hayward as much as the chamber, Demos, Fire Department etc.

    Since it's existence HEA leadership has been comprised of overwhelmingly white men and women even as the district's teaching corps has diversified and so has it's student make-up. Anyone who has tried to challenge the status quo has been excommunicated. Bilingual educators years ago stood up to the union and ask around as to what happened to them. For years and years HEA had a husband and wife on the HEA board until Kathy Crummy passed away!! A husband and wife!

    HEA does not value teachers with advanced credentials that can better serve our students, they value only straight seniority. Students and families be damned.

    HEA implores the names of students and families and preys on their trust of teachers when it suits them politically and economically. HEA did not support the school bond that brought new schools to thousands of kids and gave them a shot at 21st century settings on par with kids in other districts. This would have benefitted their teachers as well. Wanna know why? No money for in their pockets. Speaking of lining their pockets, remember the teacher strike?

    HEA marched their their membership out to picket and strike for two weeks of lost wages and and then accepted the SAME contract they rejected two weeks earlier. Not to worry, guess what rank and file, Faraj, Crummy, Walsh all got paid for those weeks while you lost money.

    I believe the teaching profession is vital to the success of any society and teachers should be very well compensated. However, like any job their are responsibilities and levels of professionalism that have to be met on a regular basis. HEA rejects this, they protect the worst teachers. HEA wants to take the stance that they are the conduit to the students, that they know them best; yet will take no share of the blame for the achievement gap.

    HEA in its mode of operation has to continue to create a boogeyman of the district to keep the membership on their side. Hayward will not be able to attract a talented superintendent as long as the HEA leadership of Walsh and Faraj are around. Any sustained, systemic, educational change requires cooperation from all. HEA benefits from the chaos and instability as they are not challenged. This also plays out at the school site level. Teachers are always asking for better principals. When a member of HEA steps to become a principal, a job that at includes holding teachers accountable they become public enemy No. 1. They eat their own. Again, instability allows for free reign of teachers.

    You can change all the school boards, superintendents, and district staff you want, but as long as HEA leadership is around–not a damn thing will improve for kids.


  31. 9:20 Right on!!! I taught in Hayward for over 30 years. I was very active in HEA but was chastised when I dared to question leadership. 9:20 You are so correct in your description of HEA and its leadership. Self-serving…OMG! You are so correct. HEA members need to hold its leadership accountable for how they use their time, spend their money, and represent membership. The old guard must be replaced!!!!!!


  32. The question is “Was the HEA president ever a classroom teacher?” Answer “NO!” Not a regular classroom teacher. Maybe RSP teacher with a very special class size. There should be a maximum number of years that a member may be in a leadership position. Then they take a break and return to the classroom for a year before they can run for office and return to a union elected official position again. Another question “How long has the president been in her position?”
    Too long….20 years? 15 years? How long has the president been a part of the HEA board? Even longer…


  33. An RSP teacher is a classroom teacher.


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