HAYWARD//EDUCATION | The Hayward Unified School District’s recently departed former chief financial officer may be a front runner for its vacant superintendent’s job and could be named interim as early as this Saturday, sources tell The Citizen.

Stan Dobbs, who resigned from his position in the school district’s business department to take a similar job at the San Diego Unified School District just last November, is one of five potential candidates for interim superintendent.

Hayward’s last superintendent, Dr. Donald Evans, announced he was leaving the district last month to lead the Berkeley Unified School District. Evans starts July 1.

Dobbs, however, left Hayward last November to sign a 3 year contract in San Diego earning him a $173,000 annual salary.

Front runner or not, Dobbs’ strength comes from his recent knowledge of the district and a concerted push by the Hayward Education Association. The group is already mobilizing support among its ranks in favor of Dobbs, along with other Hayward officials and residents.

The teachers union’s support for Dobbs is quite surprising. He lit something of a firestorm among teachers in San Diego last February for a litany strong criticisms against teachers. According to news reports, Dobbs said there has never been a study that backs the prevailing wisdom larger class sizes are a detriment to students and teachers make too much money.

Dobbs also claimed the composition of school board’s are solely created by labor unions. A few weeks later, he apologized for his statements.

Members of the Hayward school board will meet Saturday, 9 a.m. in closed session at the District’s office to decide its next move.