Hayashi Bides Time As A Health Care Consultant

Mary Hayashi

STATE SENATE 10 | Between running for Alameda County supervisor last year and ramping up for a run at the State Senate in 2014, there is time for Mary Hayashi to make some money.

The former two-time Hayward assemblywoman infamous for her shoplifting arrest in San Francisco two years ago is now running her own consulting firm specializing in state health care issues.

Hayashi has been in her new job consulting for statewide healthcare associations since January. No word if she’s been able to attract any clients. As a legislator, however, Hayashi’s focus often revolved around health care. She wrote a well-received memoir detailing her childhood as an immigrant from Korea and her older sister’s tragic suicide due to mental health issues.

Hayashi time as consultant may be short, at least, she hopes it is. She is widely viewed as a primary opponent in the East Bay’s 10th State Senate District to Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski. Even though, Hayashi’s recent past likely cost her the county supervisor’s seat last November, her large campaign war chest, nevertheless, makes her a formidable challenger.

According to her most recent campaign finance reports, ending Jan. 31, Hayashi’s 2014 Senate accounts maintains just over $750,000 in contributions.

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  1. Her brain must SERIOUSLY be overwhelmed if she thinks anyone wants her representing them.

    She should represent the folks in Sacramento, as they are crooks and she's, well, ya' know, known for that.


  2. She'll have a better chance against Wieckowski. Valle is a mute who did say anything. Whenever Bob opens his mouth he sounds like a nitwit.


  3. A whorible choice!


  4. By MW:

    I seriously doubt anyone would pay her fees for her “expertise” as a health care consultant.

    However, there is a high likelihood a lot of people would be willing to give her what they consider to be lightly disguised bribes, but masquerading as supposedly legitimate consultation fees, in the hope that her husband, and who is a judge, and/or some other bigshots will in their future decisions and rulings show gratitude for the so called supposedly “legitimate consultation fees” she received.


  5. Hmmm, better dust off some of her wonderful quotes.

    “Losingtrack of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying”

    Yes, I think that would play well in 2014.

    On the other hand, we have Bob Wieckowski and his famous AB 1401 where he is trying to have non-citizens serve in judgement on juries.

    Yes, under Bob's proposed bill, you could have from 1 to as many as 12 non-citizens serving on your next jury. Not only that, but there is no time limit on when they arrived in the country.
    Could have arrived 10 weeks ago and become eligible to judge a complicated case involving many aspects of American cultural norms.
    Such as the status of women in domestic disputes.

    Yes, under Bob's proposed bill, it would technically be possible to have a jury of 3 Saudi men, 4 Pakistani men, and 5 Iranian men, each with less than 6 months in the country, serve in judgement of a domestic violence case involving the rights of a husband and the wife.
    Each of the jurors having lived 99% of their life in nations where the rule of law regarding women is exactly opposite as ours.

    Of course I am giving a extreme example, but Bob's AB 1401 would allow such a situation.


  6. They're both whores and trolls for the unions and development interests.

    Impossible to get anyone for any office who doesn't kiss the ring of the unions, illegals, and other mafioso. The days of representation of, by and for the PEOPLE is long gone. The situation has been of our own making. We screwed ourselves.


  7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz you again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  8. What a joke! She needs to retire from politics.


  9. There has to be another candidate out there other than Bob and Mary. After a couple of years of observing politics on the East Bay, I am now convinced that Alameda County is the most dysfunctional county in the entire United States. From the elected officials down to the average voter. Is there something in the water? I am embarrassed to tell people I live there. Thank God I'm moving outside of the district in July!


  10. My friend, you get it!


  11. She might “steal the election” !!!!!!!!!!


  12. I think we need to vote a Republican for this seat


  13. The good news is that Congressman Raul Labrador no longer supports this crock of shit that's mistakenly referred to as Immigration 'Reform.' We all know that it's amnesty. The stars are aligning, folks. Going to implode or explode. We're sports. Just as long as it goes down big-time. Then we can concentrate on REAL reform. First step, round 'em up and deport–12 million+! Where there's a will, we'll have our way. America is a country with rule of law. Just need to enforce.


  14. I like Bob. I will support the guy.


  15. While no prize by any means, he's better than HO-yashi!


  16. She is truly disgusting.


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