The statute of limitations for prosecuting Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks for allegations of 12 violations of the City Charter has passed, said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.

On the heels of a civil grand jury report criticizing Brooks and the City Council’s inaction over the matter, O’Malley told the San Francisco Chronicle Wednesday says the alleged wrong-doing occurred too long ago for her office to act.

O’Malley would not comment on whether there was sufficient evidence against Brooks, the Chronicle reported.

The Oakland city auditor’s report released last March, also included an alleged violation against Councilmember Larry Reid. But, it was the allegations that Brooks personally and repeatedly interfered with city staff in the building of a teen center in her district that caught the attention residents, other council members and Alameda County grand jurors.

The grand jury report released Monday singled out the allegations against Brooks, albeit not by name, and described an atmosphere among council members as being “mayors of their own districts.” The report also called on Oakland City Auditor Courtney Ruby to release her report to the City Council and for the city to more greatly fund its public ethics commission.

Last month, both Ruby and Council President Kernighan agreed to put the issues detailed in the city audit on the back burner in light of more pressing needs, such as the budget and continuing problems at Oakland PD.