Asm Bill Quirk and Halle Berry

ASSEMBLY 20 | When Assemblyman Bill Quirk posed for a photo last week with local labor leader Lillian Galedo and fellow Assemblyman Rob Bonta, the look on the Hayward lawmaker’s face was…meh?

However, when Halle Berry showed up at the Capitol Tuesday to testify before a legislative committee that her children are relentlessly stalked by paparazzi, Quirk and legislators couldn’t help snagging a photo with the beautiful Hollywood ingénue.

Quirk posted the pic on Facebook and the look on his face is priceless. You can’t help wondering what thoughts were going through his mind as Berry placed her arm around Quirk. A few come to mind:

  1. A rendition of Don Quixote’s “Dream the impossible dream!”
  2. “This sure beats posing with Hayward Councilmember Barbara Halliday.”
  3. Bazinga!

There is also work to be done in Quirk’s 20th District. On Monday, his first piece of legislation was signed by the governor. AB 492 requires courts transfer the cases of those on probation or supervision for non-violent drug possession offenses to the county of the person’s residence. The bill passed through both houses of the Legislation without opposition.