CONGRESS 15 | If anybody has an idea what Rep. Eric Swalwell is trying to accomplish with his peculiarly hysterical postcards from Israel, you’re a mensch.

Swalwell always claims he’s in firm control of his social media accounts, so we can more than assume the array of photos shared with his followers over the past week has some purpose in his bid for re-election. In the meantime, enjoy some of the goofiest and truly head-scratching political images you will ever find in the East Bay.

Let’s start the photo gallery with this one:

The idea of taking a picture of yourself praying at the tomb of Jesus is strange, as one person tweeted Thursday night. But, taking the next step to upload it to Facebook is weird. The intimacy of prayer is usually not something any person, even a politician, would normally portray, unless they were guilty of something and needed the image showing atonement.

Second, Jesus be like, “thanks for dressing up!”

“Please, please, please, let me beat Ellen Corbett. I’ll do anything.”

This one will go real nice with a growing volume of “Camp Congress” photos showing Swalwell playing various games as representative. For Corbett’s campaign team, it might look real nice next to the one of him playing goalie against former members of the U.S. National Team and another in full baseball gear during the Congressional baseball game in June.

I miss you mom! I’ll be back home Sunday night!
Love, Eric.