What Would Hayward Do?

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | When it comes to helping the poor, WWHD?By unanimously passing an ordinance Tuesday night placing restrictions on free food-sharing groups thatĀ feed the poor in city parks, the Hayward City Council sided with concerns voiced by its downtown merchants, who complained loudly about unruly behavior they believe stems from the small-scale events. … Continue reading What Would Hayward Do?

Swalwell The Schmuck

CONGRESS 15 | If anybody has an idea what Rep. Eric Swalwell is trying to accomplish with his peculiarly hysterical postcards from Israel, you're a mensch.Swalwell always claims he's in firm control of his social media accounts, so we can more than assume the array of photos shared with his followers over the past week … Continue reading Swalwell The Schmuck