OAKLAND//2014 ELECTION/MAYOR | During a long Oakland City Council budget meeting last June, Councilmember Larry Reid grew frustrated with the topic debated that night. His comments veered off course, peppered with an abnormal use of the word “freaking.” A clarion call followed. Reid added he just might run against Mayor Jean Quan next year. However, there was a caveat. Reid said it wasn’t his decision to run against the Great Satan, but one befitting a higher power.

“You know what?” said Reid in late June, “I don’t know, maybe I should freaking run for mayor of this city and the more I think about it, the more and more I’m just waiting for a signal from God.”

Well, God has spoken, or has not, at least regarding Reid’s run for Oakland mayor, but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Reid’s daughter talked him out of mounting a campaign next year in long heart-to-heart chat.

Reid insists he could have summoned the $400,000 he said last month would be needed to run a strong campaign against Quan, according the Chronicle. In fact, every single American bank note, says the same thing, “In God We Trust.” But, in the meantime, the big guy upstairs is going with Bryan Parker, Joe Tuman, for now, and maybe some other surprising candidate, because you know, God works in mysterious ways.