‘Seeing Is Believing’: Yet Another Hayward Video Goes Viral

HAYWARD | Beauty pageant meltdowns are common and often horrific. When Hayward resident Joanlia Lising stepped daintily toward  hosts of the 2013 Miss Philippines USA pageant, she could never have foreseen the hot mess that would follow.

When asked which of the five senses she would prefer, Lising answered, “seeing.” You can see the rest for yourself here:

One might ask is the second viral video to go viral world-wide featuring Hayward in as many weeks one of the reasons Mayor Michael Sweeney is stepping down next year?

Last week, a shocking video of a mother at Hayward’s Cannery Park reared back and cold-cocked a skateboarding teenager who accidentally collided with her young son was picked up nationally and by the Daily Mail in England.

Surely, neither video will make the city’s year-end highlight reel.