Halliday To Make Mayoral Announcement By End Of September

Councilmember Barbara Halliday

HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | The wide-open mayoral race in Hayward already has two sitting council members formally announcing their intention to replace Mayor Michael Sweeney next year. Now, a third may be poised to enter the intramural campaign for mayor and potentially become an instant frontrunner.

Three-term Councilmember Barbara Halliday said Tuesday she is interested in the job, but still mulling her options.

“I will be making an announcement by the end of the month,” Halliday said following a short special council meeting Tuesday evening. Halliday added she is “strongly considering” a run for the seat next year vacated by Mayor Sweeney, who decided last month against running for a third term.

Halliday wants to take time before committing to another campaign, she said. She won re-election last year nabbing one of four open seats in Hayward’s at-large election model. As one of only two women in a nine-person field, Halliday was also the election’s top vote-getter. It is also constitutes a trend for Halliday in previous elections.

In 2008, Halliday was again the top voter-getter in a seven-person field. Her first campaign for City Council in 2004 also yielded impressive results. A former planning commissioner, Halliday won one of four seats in a large 12-person race. She finished second to former Councilmember Bill Ward.

This time around, only Councilmembers Francisco Zermeno and Mark Salinas have officially launched campaigns for the June 2014 election. Similar to the 2012 council election, there appears to be no other woman in the race.

Councilmembers Marvin Peixoto says he intends to run for re-election next year and Al Mendall has reportedly nixed any interest in running for mayor. Former Councilmember Olden Henson continues to be another possible City Council alum running for mayor, sources say.

Halliday like others on the council considering campaigns for mayor indicated she would not have challenged Sweeney if he had chosen to run for re-election and added she was surprised by Sweeney’s decision. Zermeno first announced his run in May and Salinas waited just one day after Sweeney’s chose not to seek re-election to enter the fray.

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17 replies

  1. The more the better. Halliday possible run is a good thing. Would be immediate front runner.


  2. It keeps getting better…


  3. What does she stand for?


  4. Hope she runs; smart, knowledgeable and very thoughtful.


  5. If she runs and wins and Salinas runs and loses, we could have 2 vacancies on council and a real opportunity for positive changes in Hayward. Imagine if Piexoto also loses. Change is on the air and this would be good for Hayward.


  6. Was Barbara in favor of the loop?


  7. I hope not, the loop has been horrible for Hayward businesses and residents.


  8. Believe she voted for the loop but so did Zermeno.


  9. LOL…She is tired and whines too much.
    Time to go.
    I say Zermeno or Salinas.


  10. Ms Dingbat for mayor


  11. If she voted for the loop, she will lose for sure.


  12. Duh… I wants to be mayor of Hayward. Ms Dingbat is so correct.


  13. I won't vote for anyone who voted for the loop.


  14. Did Salinas have a vote on the loop? If so how did he vote?


  15. Salinas was not on the Council when that vote took place.


  16. Mayoral odds.
    1. Unannounced Candidate
    2. Halliday
    3. Salinas
    4. Zermeno


  17. If Councilmember Halliday becomes a leader in changing the City's disastrous negotiating strategy with its workers and helps avoid another strike, that would be an action which would label her as an outstanding public servant and a qualified Mayoral candidate. Until then, she's just another Councilmember hiding underneath her desk while the City Manager embarrasses her and the rest of the Council.


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