Nadia Lockyer in better times,
if you can believe it?

ALAMEDA COUNTY DEMOCRATS | The annual Alameda County Democratic Party dinner is meant to confer a sense of togetherness. We’re all in this together. Nevermind the opposing party’s presence in this county is so ridiculous, its idea of a gathering is a two-person potluck and considering the idea of endorsing Democrat Eric Swalwell for Congress. That’s why Democrats here call it a unity dinner and in this case, it means looking away and not questioning the obvious.

Of course, the poster child for forcing Alameda County Dems to move along and be told there’s nothing here to see is, of course, Nadia Lockyer. At last Saturday’s dinner in Oakland Airport Hilton, Democrats were unified in gossiping with each over the appearance of Lockyer with a broken arm.

It’s been stormy two years for the Lockyer’s. Bill, the state treasurer, bought his wife a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors even though we later learned she was already on the way to rehab…even before Election Day. Then she rarely showed up for work. She had an affair with a 35-year-old South Bay mechanic, copped to it and later to a drug and alcohol problem. She made a sex tape, told the local newspapers Bill enabled her habit with illegal drugs when he was the state’s top cop. She soon resigned and nearly left an opening for Mary Hayashi’s grand comeback to politics. (We’re leaving a lot out, here.) Nearly got divorced, but later rekindled their love for each other last March. Meanwhile, Bill merely announced his retirement from public office in 2014.

A few Democrats who attended the dinner said Lockyers appeared aloof.  Although, one person said that is not surprising. The couple often appear in public with that certain uncomfortable, deer-in-the-headlights grin like others are speaking to them in foreign tongues. Nobody that spoke to The Citizen bothered to ask about the blue arm cast cradling Nadia’s arm. Maybe they were afraid to hear the answer?