Bill Quirk doesn’t always get bills signed,
but when he does, they include Dos Equis.

LEGISLATURE//ROUNDUP | Even during his tenure as a Hayward council member, Bill Quirk often railed against the city’s onerous permitting process for local businesses. He ran for the Assembly last year partly to untangle the state’s own maze of bureaucratic hoops. Quirk has made good on his promise, however, his bill signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown may make it easier for new establishments to sell liquor.

The new law allows the Department of Alcohol Beverages Control (ABC) to reject public protests against pending alcohol license if they are deemed “false, vexatious, frivolous, invalid or unreasonable, or without reasonable or probable cause,” reads the law.

In doing so, the change would allow ABC more discretion in prioritizing investigations and streamlining the department’s efficiency,” according to a legislative report. Applicants are now not required to publish notification of their pending liquor license in local newspapers when sending direct-mail notification to nearby homes and businesses.


Brown also signed Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta’ bill requiring public schools to include instruction on the contributions made by Filipino Americans within the farm labor movement beginning in the 1960s. Bonta said the effort of Filipino Americans in the movement is an “untold part of California history.” Bonta parents were organizers for the United Farm Workers.


A pair of electric vehicle bills offered by State Sen. Ellen Corbett was signed this week. Senate Bill 359 ensures various clean energy vehicle programs are funded through next year and offers small truck fleet owners favorable loan rates on new cleaner energy vehicles. A second bill, SB 454, approved by Brown recognizes electric vehicle charging station in the same way as gasoline stations by allowing customers other payment options other than the subscription model sometimes used.