Quirk Bill, Signed Into Law, Streamlines State Liquor License Process

Bill Quirk doesn’t always get bills signed,
but when he does, they include Dos Equis.

LEGISLATURE//ROUNDUP | Even during his tenure as a Hayward council member, Bill Quirk often railed against the city’s onerous permitting process for local businesses. He ran for the Assembly last year partly to untangle the state’s own maze of bureaucratic hoops. Quirk has made good on his promise, however, his bill signed Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown may make it easier for new establishments to sell liquor.

The new law allows the Department of Alcohol Beverages Control (ABC) to reject public protests against pending alcohol license if they are deemed “false, vexatious, frivolous, invalid or unreasonable, or without reasonable or probable cause,” reads the law.

In doing so, the change would allow ABC more discretion in prioritizing investigations and streamlining the department’s efficiency,” according to a legislative report. Applicants are now not required to publish notification of their pending liquor license in local newspapers when sending direct-mail notification to nearby homes and businesses.


Brown also signed Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta’ bill requiring public schools to include instruction on the contributions made by Filipino Americans within the farm labor movement beginning in the 1960s. Bonta said the effort of Filipino Americans in the movement is an “untold part of California history.” Bonta parents were organizers for the United Farm Workers.


A pair of electric vehicle bills offered by State Sen. Ellen Corbett was signed this week. Senate Bill 359 ensures various clean energy vehicle programs are funded through next year and offers small truck fleet owners favorable loan rates on new cleaner energy vehicles. A second bill, SB 454, approved by Brown recognizes electric vehicle charging station in the same way as gasoline stations by allowing customers other payment options other than the subscription model sometimes used.

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  1. Run Jennifer run!!


  2. It took me two hours to go from SF to Hayward on BART tonight. I've been riding BART for decades and have been caught in many delays. What always gets me is the drivers NEVER give accurate information about what's going on.

    We're first told there will be a 'one or two minute' delay. Ten minutes later with no movement we're told the same thing. Incredibly, we're told this a third time after another 10 minute delay. We didn't move for another 10 minutes after that. As we literally approach Coliseum we're told that there are massive crowds on the platform from the A's game. About 10 people got on our nearly empty train. As we get to Bayfair, we're told that a Fremont train is right behind us. The next train is another Pleasanton train. The Fremont train finally comes 10 minutes later.

    As you may know, the BART system basically runs itself. The driver is there mainly to deal with problems. Whenever there's a problem with the trains, as there often is, the drivers don't appear to have a clue what's going on nor any idea how to deal with it. I sense all they can do in these situations is lie about what's really going on.

    The station agents are even worse. Their job is to be friendly and helpful. Yet when asked to do their job they're almost always rude to passengers. I've seen it where gobs of passengers are at a station wondering what's going on, and the station agent not only refuses to come out of their station, they can't even make an announcement telling us what's going on. I've seen security guards making far less with a far more helpful attitude.

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with those that say BART employees have an enormous sense of entitlement. Their position allows them to hold Bay Area commuters hostage and demanded huge wage increases and gracious benefits that are way out of whack with other civil servant jobs. They have no idea how good they have it. I hope that management holds tough in the negotiations. Oh, and you know this has NOTHING to do with safety.

    BTW, I am a very strong pro-union Democrat. I'm all for compensating qualified, competent employees reasonably. These guys just aren't it.


  3. Grreeaatt….he looks like an old movie drunk. “Ffrill meh uf brothher! *hiccup”


  4. 12:36–stay on topic will you please. This us about Quirk's Bill signed by the Governor. Thank you Bill and Governor Brown.


  5. Looks like a good bill that Bill Quirk proposed and that's why the Gov. signed it.


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