Photo of Joe Tuman’s broken car window
posted on Facebook Wednesday night.

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Over the past several days Oakland has been awash in positive news. First, came the news that the Brooklyn Basin housing development just south of Jack London Square would be fast-tracked and would include four hundred units of affordable housing. And then came the unveiling of a proposed new ballpark for the A’s at Howard Terminal on the city’s waterfront.

But Oakland mayoral candidate Joe Tuman, who is challenging Mayor Jean Quan next year, is attempting to snap everyone back to reality.

Tuman announced on social media that his car had been broken into Wednesday night. The shattered side window was the second time his car was vandalized in Oakland during the last six months, he said. The break-in occurred while Tuman’s campaign team was discussing potential public safety policies for the ramp up of the campaign next year at their office on Franklin Street, the campaign said.

However, Tuman quickly moved to turn his misfortune into a vehicle for fundraising before the crucial December 31 deadline for campaign contributions this year. In an email to supporters, Thursday, he offered testimonials from followers of his Facebook page who chimed in with their own stories of having their car windows broken in Oakland…