Moneyball: East Bay Assembly Races

ELECTION 2014 | ASSEMBLY | Campaign finance reports were released Friday. Below is four East Bay Assembly races, two open seats and a pair of freshman making their first bids for re-election this year.

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 15 Berkeley Assemblymember Nancy Skinner is termed out of this seat at the end of this year. Last week, she endorsed Elizabeth Echols, a former regional director of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Echols also leads the pack in cash in hand and outraised and outspent her opponents in 2013. Tony Thurmond, a former member of the West Contra Costa Unified School District, finished fourth in fundraising, but the endorsement last week by Rep. George Miller should give his campaign a needed shot in the arm.

AD 15…….End Cash..4Q-In…..2013-In…4Q-Out….2013-Out
ECHOLS……$120,135  $120,102  $204,602  $ 70,192  $ 92,992
KANG……..$112,452  $ 83,069  $157,139  $ 38,714  $ 47,622
KATZ……..$ 66,164  $ 47,286  $103,519  $ 30,107  $ 37,355
THURMOND….$ 55,766  $ 62,728  $115,146  $ 47,568  $ 72,592
KINNEY……no report
VALDEZ……no report

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 25 This race is for another open seat, which includes Fremont to Morgan Hill. Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski is termed out this year and will seek a move to the upper house of the State Legislature. San Jose Councilmember Kansen Chu, like Echols in the 15th District, is outpacing his opponents, all of which did quite well in 2013. Former Fremont Police Chief Craig Steckler raised a significant amount in a short period and banked almost all of it.

AD 25…….End Cash..4Q-In…..2013-In…4Q-Out….2013-Out
CHU………$201,695  $ 66,015  $238,214  $ 22,153  $ 38,363
GOMEZ…….$155,430  $168,499  $177,599  $ 22,168  $ 22,168
STECKLER….$104,288  $111,167  $111,167  $  7,998  $  7,998
COX………$ 93,294  $ 90,771  $107,553  $ 32,389  $ 36,926

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 18 It’s unlikely Assemblymember Rob Bonta needs over a half million dollars to defeat his opponent this year, a political neophyte. The whopping $586,981 raised in 2013 alone, instead, signals the Oakland assemblyman is not just funding his future campaigns, but becoming a substantial cash cow for the state Democratic Party. If you want to rise within the leadership, you have to be a proven fundraiser and apparently Bonta already has the hang of it.

AD 18…….End Cash..4Q-In…..2013-In…4Q-Out….2013-Out
BONTA…….$131,142  $320,514  $586,981  $118,657  $287,262
ERLICH……no report

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 20 Similar to Bonta, Quirk’s Republican opponent this year is a political newcomer without a party apparatus for funding a credible campaign. Quirk, raised $310,398 last year through a large number of union and special interest groups.

AD 20…….End Cash..4Q-In…..2013-In…4Q-Out….2013-Out
QUIRK…….$180,414  $183,427  $310,398  $103,359  $130,014
PATINO……no report

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