Parker Tops Quan in Fundraising; Tuman, Schaaf Also Impress

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, Bryan Parker,
Libby Schaaf, Joe Tuman.

ELECTION 2014 | OAKLAND | MAYOR | Port of Oakland Commissioner Bryan Parker showed a slight fundraising lead in campaign finance reports released Friday. Parker topped Mayor Jean Quan in a strong showing for four of the top candidates.

Parker reported a cash balance of $140,706 through the end of 2013, which included $76,107 in fundraising from the last half of the year alone.

The haul easily topped Quan’s early fundraising totals showing a cash balance of $120,255, according to campaign finance reports. They include contributions of $63,636 in the second half of the year. Quan also maintains $30,000 in personal loans to her campaign, said the report.

Friday’s finance reports, however, included two strong fundraising showings by Joe Tuman, who entered the race last June and Councilmember Libby Schaaf, who announced her candidacy last month. Tuman quickly raised $155,300 to top the field of candidates in the last six months and reported a cash balance of $131, 142.

Schaff also did exceedingly well within an even shorter time span, reporting $124,210 in total donations, including $700 from fellow Oakland Councilmember Pat Kernighan. Schaaf’s ending balance stands at $119,838.

Oakland civil rights attorney Dan Siegel did not file a finance report and a sixth declared candidate, Patrick McCullough reported $100.


PARKER………..$ 76,107
QUAN………….$ 63,636

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6 replies

  1. And the meaning of this info is…?

    Footnote: it's early in the game. All the candidates are successfully raising money.

    Oh yeah, the writer is a sports groupie. Stats are all.


  2. Unfortunately, there is a major correlation between who has the money and who wins


  3. How is it that Siegel has no finance report and no filing papers at all? His website clearly states that it was paid for by his campaign committee.


  4. Still to early for these figures to have any real meaning on the election outcome


  5. “There is a major correlation between who has the money and who wins.”

    Not at this stage of a campaign season.


  6. Actually you must have missed the 2010 election where Don Perata's folks broke the campaign spending limit and spent millions to buy the race, but he still lost and failed to convince the majority of Oakland voters to choose him.

    Parker might have corporate money, but he comes in last in the pollls.

    Fortunately, Oakland voters are smart & can't be bought.


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