Swalwell Falls Short of Winning Alameda County Dems Endorsement

ELECTION 2014 | CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Rep. Eric Swalwell may very well win the endorsement of the statewide party, but Alameda County Democrats made it a bit more difficult Saturday afternoon at a pre-endorsement meeting in advance of next month’s party convention in Los Angeles.

Swalwell, who received 45 votes, fell short of gaining the 70 percent threshold needed for pre-endorsement by seven votes. State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett tallied 26 votes, and three registered no endorsement.

Depending on the spin of Saturday’s results, Swalwell either came within a hair of winning the endorsement or the number of ballots punched for Corbett reveals a local party still skeptical about their first-term congressman. Residual loyalty, by some, for Corbett, a long-time public official in the area, who has served the area for nearly two decades may also explain Saturday’s vote.

On Twitter, Corbett called the results unprecedented for an incumbent member of Congress in Alameda County to fail to win the party’s pre-endorsement. “When was the last time #CA15 incumbent didn’t get enough votes for endorsement @CA_Dem @CADemRegion2 Pre-Endorsement Conference? Never Before Today!”

Nonetheless, Swalwell still has the inside track to gain the statewide party’s backing next month when the question will be debated on the convention floor. According to party bylaws, Swalwell, as the incumbent, only needs a simple majority of the votes to win in this round of the endorsement process, rather than the 70 percent tally needed this weekend. Generally speaking, the Democratic Party’s statewide imprimatur is often the most important endorsement a candidate will receive.

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56 replies

  1. Thank you, Mr. President.

    Every loyal Democrat will be following your lead. We will return our great congressman Eric Swalwell to help you do the work of the country.

    We're all with you!


  2. It's Bye Bye Swalwell, hello Congresswoman Ellen Corbett. Swalwell has made too many mistakes and lied too many times for this voter. Ellen will have the walkers and phone bankers, Swalwell won't. She is just more likable and trustworthy. She won't make the mistakes Stark made.


  3. Yes, our pumped congressman has the endorsement, along with all the others. Got the $$$$, and POTUS to boot.

    He's unstoppable. That wind that just blew you over is the SWALWELL EXPRESS roaring down the tracks!


  4. The voters in our District will reject our current Congressman, because they don't like liars who say one thing and do another. Ellen Corbett is the clean candidate and now with the Republican in the race, she wins the primary no matter how corporate money your candidate spends. She is much more qualified too!


  5. Mrs. Miller and I will be supporting our outstanding CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL. We can't support novices who have no idea what they are doing and would be in above their head. We also would never support anyone who whores for the unions. The public knows that teachers and nurses' unions are nothing but whores for the special interests. They resonate with special interests only.

    We'll be supporting a breath of fresh air, CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL 2014!


  6. Go through this stream of posts and you will see most of the extremists, swearing, sexist remarks have been from Swallwell supporters, and that's why many of us will be supporting Ellen in 2014. Plus many of us feel that we need more women in Congress because of the stubbornness of both sides. Women seem to be able to compromise more and work toward solutions instead of calling people names.


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