ELECTION 2014 | STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT | Leave it to Mary Hayashi to overshadow a big win for Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski at Saturday’s Alameda County Democrats pre-endorsement meeting. Wieckowski overwhelmingly received the party’s endorsement in the State Senate 10th District race, but not before Hayashi attacked her rival to the sound of gasps in the audience.

Wieckowski received 104 votes out of 112 ballots. Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed won eight votes, while Hayashi received none. The result was expected by both Hayashi and Reed in interviews before the vote. Hayashi, though, urged county Democrats to register a vote of no endorsement and allow the debate to be heard at the state convention next month in Los Angeles.

The new Mary Hayashi sounded circumspect about her infamous past, yet clearly showed she plans to maintain her notorious hard-knuckled style of politics. “You all know my positives. I’ve done a lot of great work for the district,” Hayashi told party leaders. “You also know my negative, which I am very sorry. I also want you to know Bob Wieckowski is not the person that you think he is.”

The statement was followed by a large number of gasps. As she continued, one voter called her out for being negative. “No, it’s not negative,” she said, before asserting Wieckowski has never been “100 percent” for labor, the environment or women’s issues. “I just want you to give me a chance to come talk to you based on the merits, not based on gossip or personal stories,” added Hayashi.

The allusion to gossip about Hayashi circulating within the local party is notable and somewhat accurate. Previously, Hayashi has charged Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk and Wieckowski, himself, with passing around rumors regarding her personal life. It’s also a sign the race in the sprawling 10th District, which includes areas between Castro Valley and parts of San Jose, will be one of the dirtiest in the entire Bay Area. Wild rumors about Wieckowski’s team also exist, although, not believed to be attributed to Hayashi or her surrogates.

Hayashi said she will officially announce her candidacy sometime next week. Not included at Saturday’s meeting, but also a candidate, is Republican Peter Kuo.