Report: Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana Resigns

OAKLAND | Following two unsuccessful attempts at finding employment outside of Oakland, City Administrator Deanna Santana has resigned, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Monday afternoon.

Santana, who was recently a finalist for the same position in both Dallas and Phoenix, offered no details on why she was stepping down, according to the article. On both occasions, Santana was passed over for the job.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is expected to officially announce Santana’s departure later this week and Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell is expected to take over on an interim basis, says the paper.

Labor unions and some council members such as Desley Brooks have battled with Santana over the past year. During contentious labor negotiations this summer, Santana angered members of the Service Employees International Union’s bargaining team when she summoned Oakland police officers to a meeting. Brooks routinely skewered Santana during numerous City Council meetings last year in response to an investigation by Santana’s office into her involvement with the construction of a youth center.

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  1. Um, didn't SEIU “occupy” the Mayor's office? Isn't that why Santana summoned OPD?

    When occupiers staged a sit-in in Santana's office, the cops showed up and nobody blinked. When occupiers disrupt council meetings, cops show up and nobody see's a problem.

    SEIU disrupts a council meeting or stages a sit in and they should get different treatment? Why? Because they're union members? Bullshit. When they illegally disrupt city business, they should get the same treatment as anybody else who does.

    If they get special treatment, it sends a message that they are somehow more important than ordinary citizens. They aren't.


  2. Let's not forget Santana's role in ordering militarized police raids on Oakland residents who publicly shared food, medical care, books and other resources in public, or made public displays of free speech and assembly from 2011 to the present.

    This represent a serious record of human rights abuses. Several people were nearly killed, thousands were gassed, shot with metal projectiles, beaten and otherwise brutalized and hundreds upon hundreds were abducted and detained in harsh conditions for days on end on dubious “probable cause” warrants that did not translate to criminal charges or did hold up in court.

    Recipients of this abuse included women and children, the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, the homeless, students, advocates of social justice, humanitarian volunteers, journalists and military veterans.

    Santana is the worst kind of public official. One whose actions given her authority showed a lack of mercy, empathy or remorse.


  3. Excuse me “This represents a serious record of human rights abuses”.

    Also, add “bystanders” to the list of those abused by militarized police raids ordered by Santana.


  4. Another human rights abuse conducted under Santana:

    Militarized police throwing small bombs into crowds. Known as “flash-bang grenades”, these bombs explode, letting off a deafening blast, fire, and often gas or rubber-coated metal projectiles as well.

    Not only is the sound liable to cause trauma, panic, and possible trampling in a crowd, but individuals close to the explosions in Oakland have suffered severe, flesh-removing burns as well as permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.

    One of these devices was thrown directly at citizens rushing to provide medical aide to injured veteran Scott Olsen.

    These devices should be banned, yet Santana appeared perfectly content to order “tactical” units armed with these devices to confront crowds in public and allow the bombs to be thrown into crowds on numerous occasions, which is actually even against OPD's own written crowd control policy.

    Also, well documented is Santana's interference with city ordered reports about police abuse based on these incidents.


  5. By MW:

    Most likely the reason she supposedly “resigned” was that actually she was fired or forced out.

    However since she supposedly voluntarily resigned, I am confident that she will not demanding any severance pay.


  6. Santana squeezed out because of some real competence and a willingness to take a position on important issues. Such behavior not to be tolerated by Quan and Council cronies.


  7. Glad to see her go!


  8. By MW:

    Supposedly Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker, and who is a graduate of Harvard Law School, tried to get Deanna Santana to sign an agreement stating she would not say anything derogatory about her relationship with Oakland after leaving her job as Oakland's Administrator.

    If I had been Ssntana, upon getting such an outrageous and ridiculous request from Parker, I would have asked Parker whether she, and like a lot of lawyers, was on drugs.

    (NOTE: Lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse – and also divorce, suicide, and domestic violence – of any major profession.)

    ALSO: In the contest to see which “educational” institution of “higher learning” can produce the highest percentage of the very sleaziest lawyers, in other words the very sleaziest of the professional pathological liars, parasites, scumbags, and common criminals hiding behind licenses that make up the overwhelming majority of the so called legal profession, Harvard and Stanford are tied at “Number One.” (And NYU, by the way, is “Number Three.”)

    Remember that next time any lawyer who attended Harvard or Stanford tries to feed you the standard lawyers' lies and garbage.

    Furthermore, a high percentage of the scumbags and parasites with law licenses who attended Harvard believe in an “improved” form of “free speech” in which they think it should be illegal for people with contrary opinions to be allowed to express themselves.


  9. By MW:

    According to the SF Chronicle, Fred Blackwell, and who approx one month ago replaced Deanna Santana as Oakland's Administrator, just resigned after a WHOLE BIG FAT one month on the job.

    I hereby demand that Jean Quan be transferred from her job as Mayor and instead by reassigned to be the head choreographer for Barnum & Bailey's three ring circus, the job she would be absolutely perfect for.


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