San Leandro City Council Preview
835 East 14th Street, San Leandro
Monday, Mar. 3, 2014, 7 p.m.
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Reconstructed Burrell Field in San Leandro.

PACIFIC SPORTS COMPLEX AGREEMENT Four years ago, San Leandro voters approved a $50 million school bond to reconstruct the notoriously decrepit Burrell Field (the sports complex seen from Interstate 880 at Marina Boulevard). The fields and amenities have been built, now it comes time to figure out which local governance body will maintain them—the city or the school district? Current estimates peg the annual cost of upkeep at the Pacific Sports Complex at roughly $80,000. A staff report says the city has historically footed the bill since the early 1970s. (Item 10B)

WHAT IT MEANS The Pacific Sports Complex is San Leandro’s grand attempt for a amicable partnership between the City Council and the school board. Up until the last few years, enmity between the two bodies would have kept such an arrangement from occurring. However, the proposed joint use agreement to be discussed Monday night is heavily tilted toward the city paying the bills and the schools and recreation sports teams playing the games. The city would continue to pay for upkeep in the three-year proposal and the district’s use takes precedence over the city’s. Hopefully, the complex can help the city in the coming decades produce more than just backup NFL cornerbacks.

TRANSPORTATION MEASURE Alameda County is planning a second campaign to pass a 30-year, $8 billion transportation and infrastructure sales tax increase this November. The last try fell short by just 721 votes of reaching a two-third majority. The Alameda County Transportation Commission approved the expenditure plan in January. The current county transportation sales tax, Measure B, which was renewed in 2000 and sunsets in 2022 has already plowed through its list of projects. Before the Alameda County Board of Supervisors can place the proposed measure on the November ballot, 8 of the 14 cities must vote for approval of the half-cent sales tax increase. (Item 10A)

WHAT IT MEANS To be clear, if it was up to San Leandro voters and its liberal neighbors, Measure B1 would have passed two years ago. However, the moderate Tri Valley voting bloc was the measure’s downfall. The proposal includes improvements to BART, buses, commuter rails, freeways and affordable transit for seniors, youths and people with disabilities. On Monday night, San Leandro will likely become one proposed measure’s backers.

The City Council proclaims March as American Red Cross Month and Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Elinor “Pat” Fee receives a commendation for her service on the city’s Senior Commission.

Feb. 18, not much happened at City Hall. Heck, Mayor Stephen Cassidy wasn’t even there. The council named Cassidy and Councilmember Diana Souza to the Committee on City/School Relations. Note: the pair are likely opponents in this November’s mayoral election. San Leandro sports icons, Ricky and Tina Ricardo, the owners of the nationally-known den for Raiders fans, Ricky’s Sports Theatre, received a proclamation declaring Feb. 19 in their honor. >>> READ THE MINUTES. >>> SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.