Peter Kuo

STATE SENATE | 10TH DISTRICT |When it comes to the political fisticuffs being played in the East Bay’s 10th State Senate District, Peter Kuo has laid low, but he emerged Tuesday—just three weeks before Election Day—calling on two of his Democratic opponents, Bob Wieckowski and Mary Hayashi, to focus on the issues and not on each other’s foibles.

“What good is it doing?” said Kuo, the lone Republican in the June 3 primary roughly covering voters from Castro Valley to Santa Clara. “Are we closer to solve our water crisis? Are we closer to have a non-discriminatory education system? Is this bickering providing better health care for our senior citizens or creating jobs for the unemployed? California deserves better than dirty politics and attack ads.”

The five-person race quickly devolved into one of the most intense negative campaigns seen in the East Bay in some time. Over two weeks ago, Wieckowski released a web site and ad campaign titled,, which detailed Hayashi’s 2011 shoplifting incident. Days later, Hayashi followed suit with her own web site called, In the meantime, campaign managers from both sides have routinely traded barbs.

“The Kuo for Senate campaign is focused on running a positive campaign focused on the issues and invites our opponents to do the same,” said a statement Tuesday from Kuo’s campaign. “California’s problems won’t be solved with dirty politics, but with real discussion, thoughtful strategies and bold action.”

Kuo campaign also released a six-minute YouTube video to introduce him to voters with the tag line, “An American for California. Kuo immigrated from Taiwan as a teenager and now owns an insurance firm in Santa Clara County. The June 3 primary also includes former Green Party Assemblymember Audie Bock and Fremont Planning Commissioner Roman Reed.