Eric Swalwell, Ellen Corbett, Hugh Bussell

CONGRESS | 15TH DISTRICT | Two years ago, Eric Swalwell ended Pete Stark’s four decades in Congress in one of the biggest political upsets in East Bay history. While Swalwell, a former Dublin city councilmember, was the benefactor of Stark’s numerous missteps during the campaign, he also successfully positioned himself with voters in the 15th Congressional District as the candidate who would usher in an era of change and new ideas. This time around, his reelection campaign is attempting to rekindle a similar message for the future, but his main opponent this June, Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, appears to offer a more formidable challenge: She is nearly as well-known in the district as Stark was and is unlikely to commit the large number of mistakes that effectively put the congressional seat up for grabs two years ago.

In 2012, Swalwell’s victory was also the product of blistering personal attacks that he launched at Stark and his family. An essential premise of Swalwell’s campaign was to portray Stark as old, frail, and out of touch with East Bay voters. Swalwell followed it up with attacks on Stark’s young children for receiving Social Security benefits, along with hits on Stark’s wife….