CONGRESS DISTRICT 15 A second television ad from Rep. Eric Swalwell hit the airwaves featuring a game board evoking Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune. The spot claims his opponent, State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett, missed over 900 votes while in office. The statistic appears true, but neglects to mention any time frame or the total votes Corbett may have cast. Corbett told the Bay Area News Group she has voted on over 43, 000 items during her 14 years in the State Legislature. That would calculate to just over one percent. Nonetheless, Swalwell adds, “I approve this message because I know being your representatives is a full-time job.”…Meanwhile, Corbett is employing a strategy similar to two years ago when Pete Stark sent a mailer asserting Swalwell was a closet member of the Tea Party. In a mailer last week, Corbett takes on a clearer line of attack effectively questioning whether Swalwell is liberal enough for the district based upon his votes in Congress.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 17 Ro Khanna has a new television ad relying heavily on recent stories from the San Jose Mercury News. The 30-second ad also takes swipes at Rep. Mike Honda for ducking debates…The same paper quoted a university professor over the weekend who believes the two Republicans in the race, Vanila Singh and Joel Vanlandingham, are not gaining traction among voters…Vanlandingham, an entertaining tweeter, indeed, took to the social media site slamming Singh. Responding to a 45 day old tweet sent by Singh claiming secret ties between Khanna and Vanlandingham, he shot back saying she had no political views back in mid-December, one day before registering as a Republican. “The Party went shopping,” tweeted Vanlandingham…Meanwhile, Singh was brushing up on her tech credentials in the Indian American business community last weekend at the TiEcon show at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Peggy Moore, who was President Obama’s political director for his campaign in California two years ago, spoke at a Get Out The Vote rally on Saturday for Honda in Newark.

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10 Mary Hayashi and Bob Wieckowski continue their attacks, both on the web and the more traditional method, in your mailbox. Republican wildcard Peter Kuo, after assuming the role of the adult in the room last week when he called for the negative attacks to cease, is finally getting attention from the corporate media. A columnist from the San Francisco Chronicle opined he was the best candidate in the field. Meanwhile, candidates Roman Reed and Audie Bock have been laying low.

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 16 Another Republican wildcard, Catherine Baker, continues to hammer away at a claim she is actually the first candidate to call for a ban on BART strikes. Steve Glazer may have been protesting at BART stations last year during the long labor dispute, but Baker says she’s the only one who backed specific legislation in Sacramento…On Sunday, Glazer was attempting to harvest votes at the Livermore farmers’ market…Like Ro Khanna in CA17, Glazer is taking the novel approach of highlighting his opponent’s negative mailers against him on his own campaign website, then rebutting them…If you drive from Oakland to the Park Street Bridge heading to Alameda, you might notice something strange on the side of the road. It’s a billboard for Glazer, but the 16th District is nowhere near that part of town. However, if you travel for work from the 16th District’s boundaries to take the ferry to San Francisco, it’s on the way.

ASSEMBLY 15 Democrat Clarence Hunt is gambling a few early morning television spots will push him into the top two. The 30-second spot was seen Monday morning on KTVU with a brief overview of his candidacy.

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