Down Ballot, May 28, 2014; 6 Days to Election Day

Kamala Harris attended a fundraiser
Tuesday for Rep. Mike Honda.
PHOTO/Shane Bond

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10 As Democrats Bob Wieckowski and Mary Hayashi continue sniping at each other, Republican Peter Kuo attended a memorial Tuesday for one of the South Bay victims of the Isla Vista shootings. Kuo even brought his violin for the solemn occasion.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 15 Rep. Eric Swalwell cried foul over a mailer from Ellen Corbett’s campaign claiming he voted for a controversial Rep. Paul Ryan budget last year. Although a check mark on the mailer suggests Swalwell voted for the Ryan budget so reviled by seniors, the corresponding text clearly asserts Swalwell, along with Ryan, voted against amendments brought forth by members of the progressive caucus and another by the Congressional Black Caucus. In other words, the mailer simply furthers a theme utilized recently by Corbett to paint Swalwell as a moderate, or, more specifically, not progressive enough. Recall, primary voters are usually very partisan…Swalwell also dropped his own mailer hoping to cajole some moderate Republican votes from Hugh Bussell. The mailer contrasts Bussell’s far right views on immigration and Obamacare with his own.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 17 California Attorney General Kamala Harris was the special guest at a fundraiser for Rep. Mike Honda on Tuesday night in San Francisco. Harris previously endorsed Honda and like the long-time congressman, she is expected to win her primary for re-election…Ro Khanna released a new television commercial titled, “Politics as Usual.” In the spot, Khanna says, “Congressman Honda and his allies are stuck in the past. Trying to scare people with phony attacks against me. It’s the oldest play in the book, and it’s everything that’s wrong with Washington.”

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 15 Attorney Pamela Price, a Democrat, touted the endorsement of Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover. Price could be making a run for the top two, according to some politicos. Earlier this month, she won the surprise endorsement of the Bay Area News Group. Democrats Elizabeth Echols and Tony Thurmond, though, are viewed as the front runners on June 3.

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10 replies

  1. Pamela Price? No way!


  2. It wilk be Thurmond and Echols. Price entered the race too late, and Thurmond in particular have been running for a long time


  3. In Senate Dist. 10, Peter Kuo may do better than some people think.
    I'll tell you, when you look at him compared the mud slinging going on between Weickowski and Hayashi, he is not looking like a bad choice.
    I would say that the large Asian community would rather vote for him than the embarassment that is Hayashi.

    Too bad that Kuo couldn't get out more of his message about the kind of man he is in business and in his family life.
    Compare the atmosphere of the disastrous Hayashi videos with the following Kuo video.

    Now tell me, who do you want representing your values in the future?
    Kuo wouldn't have made a mistake by including a link to that video in every mailer he put out. Speaks to the type of man he is in the community and in his family life.
    That video is but one of many revealing the man and his family and community values


  4. Kammie Harris is a Willie HO Brown slut.


  5. Kamala wins very easily in spite of the sexist rantings of the fool above.


  6. We agree. She's a dirty Willie HO Brown slut bitch.


  7. 11:25 am, could this be a racial thing?


  8. 2:07, what is your obsession with Willie, did YOU wish you were his slut?


  9. No foul mouthed sexists like 8:34 need apply!


  10. 2:28 is obviously mentally ill


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