A New Website in SD-10: Down Ballot, 5 Days to Election Day

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 10 The pantheon of negative campaign websites grows. Mary Hayashi’s campaign released FrackBob.com today. The latest entry follows MugShotMary and BobProtectedRapists. The site, however, is solely issue based (other than the web address) on Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski’s opposition to a state moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking. The issue is very timely. Just yesterday, the State Senate failed to muster enough votes to pass a moratorium. Hayashi has registered support for the moratorium during the campaign, along with Roman Reed, while Wieckowski, Republican Peter Kuo and Audie Bock, a non-partisan, oppose it. The site includes video of Wieckowski laying out his stance to the Bay Area News Group and and a .PDF of Hayashi’s mailer on the subject. Included at the bottom of the mailer is this line, “Don’t let Bob Wieckowski frack us in the State Senate.”…Meanwhle, Kuo is again utilizing his violin for good measure. A day after he played for South Bay residents mourning the shooting of one of their own in Isla Vista, Kuo entertained supporters of Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Ron Nehring.

CONGRESS DISTRICT 17 Ro Khanna’s campaign is trying to make hay out of a trio of mailers sent by independent expenditure committees connected to Big Labor. They contend the IEs are trying to help Republican Vanila Singh. In a roundabout way, the IE is trying to help the likely Democratic front runner in the June primary, Rep. Mike Honda. The strategy is counter intuitive and certainly not illegal and a bit risky for Honda, who is counting on strong support from progressives. IEs are forbidden from coordinating their support or attacks with campaigns and there’s no allegation of this occurring here. Therefore, no story, just hard, somewhat shady politics being played…KGO Radio’s Ronn Owens endorsed Khanna. Didn’t know that was allowed…Honda’s campaign will hold a GOTV rally Saturday at its headquarters in Cupertino starting at 10:30 a.m. Khanna will hold a series of rallies on Saturday starting at its Milpitas office at 9 a.m. It’s on to Santa Clara at noon; Fremont, 3 p.m.; Cupertino, 4 p.m….Singh will host the entire Bay Area Republican slate of candidates at her Milpitas campaign headquarters on Saturday, starting at 11 a.m.

OTHER Political Data, Inc. reports, statewide, just 8.2 percent of vote-by-mail ballots have been received by county registrars. So, basically nobody cares. 😦

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  1. no convicted shoplifter is going to be elected. that's an objective fact. stop wanking and calling it news.


  2. A lot of people in District 10 are not adverse to well conducted fracking.
    This very late mailer might peel off 0.5 to 1% of Bob's votes.
    I think that is maximum impact and really comes too late to offset the terrible 2 weeks the Hayashi campaign has just gone through.
    So Mary comes in second, then what?

    She has near zero chance of winning in November. All getting into the runoff gets her is a place to spend every last dime she has in her campaign war chest. That is not a bad outcome.

    Mean while, the best positive video for a candidate seems to be the following of Kuo, though it isn't being used by him.


    Compare that to the harsh battle between Hayashi and Bob.
    It has 26,000 views over the years.


  3. i received a mail piece the other day from the UDC and saw 2 pictures: one of bill quick and bob. as if these two are draws for people to vote for democrats. how sad is it that we have such losers to pick from this election cycle. shame on those who decide these things behind closed doors. do you really think the losers you have on the ballot encourage people to vote democrat?


  4. The best we can do is wait until after the Nov. election and then recall either HO-weickowski or HO-yashi.

    Both are dirty whores.


  5. Bob Wieckowski is doing what the majority of voters want him to do in the assembly, and that's why he will be our next Senator.


  6. do you believe in unicorns, 1:31? no one knows what that clown is doing in the assembly. he's still taking credit for things he didn't do!


  7. Everybody on my block has a sign up for Bob, except for a small minority of houses. He is extremely popular and will win easily.


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