Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan announces her candidacy for mayor Thursday near the corner of 92nd Avenue and International Boulevard in Oakland. PHOTO/Steven Tavares

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Standing on the corner of 92nd Avenue and International Boulevard with trash strewn on the sidewalk as a backdrop, Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan officially announced her candidacy for mayor this afternoon. The campaign chose the location because it was the spot where a dead dog had been left on the sidewalk for a week a last month despite repeated calls by neighbors to Oakland Animal Services. “I know that every single corner of Oakland deserves to be treated with respect and deserves a government that responds when people call,” said Kaplan.

Jason Overman, Kaplan’s campaign manager, said that when they arrived at the same corner Thursday afternoon, they noticed several bags of garbage littering the sidewalk. “That is the kind of problem that our budget and our bill aimed to solve and that is the kind of problem the people of Oakland deserves to have solved,” said Kaplan…