Joe Tuman

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Oakland mayoral candidate Joe Tuman welcomed Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan to the race on Friday, but wasted little time before taking a dig at her nascent candidacy and Mayor Jean Quan.

“This is one more sign of a complete loss of confidence in the current mayor to win a second term,” said Tuman in a message to his supporters. “Another candidate from City Hall only reinforces my message that we need to elect an outsider to challenge the status quo and work to implement real change.”

Tuman, a San Francisco State political science professor, who ran along with Kaplan in the 2010 election also skewered her use of the tagline, “Oakland isn’t ungovernable. It’s just ungoverned.”

Rebecca Kaplan

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Tuman. “At the same time I find it ironic that as a governing council member who has occupied the citywide council seat for six years, Councilmember Kaplan would choose to emphasize Oakland is ‘ungoverned’ as she asks voters for a promotion.”

Kaplan’s presence in the early stages of the mayoral campaign has already been felt even before her announcement on Thursday. Over the past six months, various polls showed Kaplan as a front runner in the ranked choice voting race, if she were to enter the race.

In addition, some of the same polls revealed Tuman’s campaign also showing considerable strength this year. Four years ago, Kaplan finished third in the mayor’s race to Quan and Don Perata. Tuman followed in fourth place.