CONGRESS | DISTRICT 17 | Ro Khanna may have once worked for President Obama, but last year he endorsed Khanna’s opponent, Rep. Mike Honda in the 17th Congressional District. Now, the President is sending in First Lady Michelle Obama to get out the vote for Honda.

A recorded message from Michelle Obama urging Democratic voters for next Tuesday’s election to vote for Honda starts today, the Honda campaign says.

In the 47-second message, the First Lady says, “In an election this close, your vote is more important than ever before. We can’t risk having more out of touch folks coming to Congress, just because a handful of Democratic voters stayed home. Your vote for Mike Honda will make a real difference in supporting our President.”

Even though both candidates are Democrats, getting true blue liberals to the ballot box may be more beneficial to Honda, than Khanna. In recent weeks, Honda’s campaign has asserted Khanna is too moderate for the district, even suggesting in a campaign Web site, he is a righ-winger.