Former GOP Congressman to Mike Honda: ‘Your Going Down Tuesday’

CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Former South Bay Rep. Ernie Konnyu is pissed. This week, Rep. Mike Honda’s campaign attempted to link Konnyu, a divisive Republican representative who served the area in the 1980s, to Ro Khanna in a negative mailer.

Ernie Konnyu

Honda’s campaign characterized Konnyu as “disgraced” and “disowned by his own party” after a series of sexual harassment allegations during his time, two decades ago, in Congress. It is also another attempt by Honda to brand Khanna as conservative.

But, Konnyu did not take kindly to the mailer and took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon to call out Honda.

“@RepMikeHonda You[‘re] going down Tuesday. The trash you sent on me was shameful…& against this retired Member! Go to political hell! Go Ro!”

A few months ago, the out-spoken Konnyu publicly urged members of the Tea Party to back Khanna’s bid to unseat Honda. Khanna, though, has not distanced himself from Konnyu.

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  1. “Khanna, though, has not distanced himself from Konnyu.”

    What kind of idiot candidate would “distance himself” from a group of voters who might make the difference in the election.

    As though Honda and Khanna should ONLY accept the votes of solid “progressive Democrats”…

    As a lifelong Democrat, the longer this election goes on, the less and less respect I have for Honda.
    He should have done the obvious thing and resigned before trying to drag out one or two more terms.,
    Congressman George P. Miller, is looking more and more like a real leader in knowing when to say when.
    And Miller is 5 time the effective congressman that Honda is.

    By now, after 14 years, Honda is little more than a lever puller, and it is foolish to assume he will suddenly become effective. One of the weakest members of our Bay Area delegation.


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