AD16: Republican Catharine Baker Poised To Turn Blue Assembly Seat Red

ASSEMBLY | DISTRICT 16 | Republican upstart Catharine Baker may be causing quite a few headaches for Assembly Democrats Wednesday night. The Tri Valley attorney leads Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti in the 16th Assembly District race by less than four points.

Baker won 51.9 percent of the vote Wednesday morning after 100 percent of precincts in Contra Costa County and Alameda County were counted. Sbranti, a Democrat, garnered 48.1 percent, although more ballots remain to be counted.

The result, as it stands, will certainly be a blow to the Democrat’s super-majority in the Legislature and turned the moderate district red for the first time in six years. Assemblymember Joan Buchanan is termed out of the seat next month.

While the demographics suggested a potential and rare battleground for Republicans in the East Bay, special interests money dominated the race over the past few months. Independent expenditures committees backed by labor poured money in support of Sbranti, while Republican activist Charles Munger, Jr. funded an onslaught of ads against Baker’s opponent.

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  1. Cleanin' up bitch's graffiti!

    Last word, bitch.

    Sup, bitch!

    My husband and I also could never bring ourselves to support dirty union whores. We don't believe in robbing the taxpayers' pockets to line those of filthy special interests.

    Our sincere thanks to the person who continues to defend us over the larded union sluts. Our household is solidly behind Governor Chuck Reed and our next state senator Steve Glazer. As life-long Democrats, we had no trouble supporting clean Cathy Baker over the dirty incompetent who went down to defeat. Thanks to the independent-minded voters in the district clean politicians who are not beholden to the corrupt union whores will rule the day for decades to come.

    Thank you to the People's Choice winners!


  2. To the above poster, are you really that stupid? Chuck Reed wouldn't have a chance against Gavin Newsome or Kamala Harris and Glazer came in third in his Assembly race.

    Also, clean up your language if you want anyone to take you seriously. From what I can read in the above posts the Democrats and the unions are very happy that they won almost all the races in our area and so am I.

    The people's choice winners were the Democrats and Labor Candidates as they won over 95% of the races in the Bay Area. The loser was the only anti-union poster above.


  3. Couldn't be prouder of our dear Catharine. Branti conceded almost ten minutes after the polls closed, as well he should.

    Really want to thank the Team Baker All-Stars in no particular order: Blanca Nunes–you have courage, girl!; Spencer Johnston, Evenlyn B. Kesterson and so many more. It wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

    Dear Catharine returns a voice of moderation to this district and finally puts the people ahead of the special interests.

    Our long nightmare is finally over!


  4. The People's choice winners were the Democrats and Unions with a 95% success rate. We love the Bay Area!

    Also, clean up your language if you want anyone to take you seriously. From what I can read in the above posts the Democrats and the unions are very happy that they won almost all the races in our area and so am I.


  5. The voter turn out in 2016 will be much larger and much more progressive. This spells doom for Baker who won in an extremely low turn out year with a much higher percentage of conservative voters. I know my spouse and I will be voting in 2016 and will be voting for Tim Sbranti if he runs.


  6. Amen brother or sister. Don't let the anti union poster throw out misleading facts. Most of us are very happy that the East Bay is both a Democratic and Union stronghold. Looks like a majority of the State is too, which led to the sweep of all the Statewide offices. Tim Sbranti in 2016 will be a favorite to take out Baker.


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