CA17: Honda Holds Five-Point Lead Over Khanna

CONGRESS | DISTRICT 17 | Despite being outspent by his opponent by a two-to-one margin, Rep. Mike Honda holds a roughly five point lead over fellow Democrat Ro Khanna in the 17th Congressional District race.

In the larger Santa Clara County portion of the district, Honda leads Khanna by over five points of the vote, with 79 percent of precincts reporting, as of 3 a.m., Wednesday morning.

In Alameda County, Honda registered a smaller two-point advantage over Khanna, according to the registrar, and with 100 percent of the precincts reporting. Still, thousands of votes may still be left to be counted.

Backed by Silicon Valley tech interests, Khanna’s campaign enjoyed over $4.8 million in campaign contributions. The fundraising came in contrast to the incumbent Honda who raised less than that amount.

Categories: Alameda County, CA17, campaign finance, congress, Mike Honda, Ro Khanna, Santa Clara County

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  1. Wonder what Congressional district will Khanna attempt to unseat next? #carpetbagger


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