Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Councilmember Libby Schaaf built upon an early 11-point lead in Oakland’s mayoral race and never looked back Tuesday night.

Although many ballots remain to be counting, ranked choice voting tabulations give Schaaf an enormous 26-point lead over the second place finisher, Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. Despite the unofficial results, Schaaf is likely to become mayor-elect of Oakland.

Initial results released shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday showed Schaaf leading the 15-person field with over 28 percent of the first place votes. Mayor Jean Quan followed at 17 percent; Kaplan 14 percent; Joe Tuman and Dan Siegel with over 12 percent.

The lead, however, steadily grew throughout the late night. After 15 rounds of ranked choice tabulations, Schaaf’s advantage grew steeply to 62.79 percent over Kaplan’s 37.21 percent. Quan was the last candidate eliminated from the race after compiling 23.76 percent of the vote. Only slightly more of her support went to Kaplan over Schaaf and with roughly the same number of exhausted votes.

On Wednesday, Quan conceded victory and congratulated Schaaf. Later in the day, Kaplan followed suit.

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  1. Important to note, less than 16% of voters chose Quan as their initial choice to be re-elected to 4 more years.

    That is less than 1 in 6 voters who thought she had done a job adequate for re-election.

    Quan has lived and lives in a world of delusion thinking she has been doing a good job.

    However the biggest flop of the night was Kaplan's outcome.
    Said to be leading in the polls, she ended up with only 14.5% of the vote.
    What a deflated outcome for her.

    So much for Oakland wanting to be represented to the world by a leader who wears their baseball cap on backwards


  2. Oakland has overwhelmingly voted for a better talker than Quan but for no essential change in policies.

    Schaaf followed Quan as District 4 Councilmember with no significant change for District 4. Same amount of crime; same disintegrating business districts (e.g. the Laurel); same lack of attention to community needs.


  3. The RCV votes show Schaaf #1, Kaplan #2, and Quan #3. Jerry Brown's endorsement definitely had an impact.


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