Morgan Stanley postpones social media effort in Oakland following protests

OAKLAND | FERGUSON | Morgan Stanley and the Alameda County Community Food Bank had planned to promote through Twitter the financial institution’s program to help provide children in Oakland with health screenings and better nutrition.

However, scenes of protesters in the downtown Oakland Monday night upset over the shooting of Missouri teen Michael Brown gave Morgan Stanley pause. The program called Healthy Oakland is part of similar efforts in Chicago and Newark, N.J.

The company postponed a series of tweets promoting Healthy Oakland planned for Tuesday because of the protests that included hundreds of people marching through the streets before commandeering a portion of the MacArthur Freeway.

Morgan Stanley says it plans to revisit the promotion possibly next week. Social media users were to be encouraged to retweet posts such as “In 6 months, #HealthyCities served 42k meals in Oakland. We’re working to #Fighthunger. Will you?”

One thought on “Morgan Stanley postpones social media effort in Oakland following protests

  1. By MW:

    So Morgan Stanley was planning on spending a tiny fraction of one percent of it profits on PR so as to “prove” that it is composed of “good guys.” I am so so so impressed.

    In fact tomorrow I am going to open up a legitimate looking business that in actuality will be nothing more than a front for criminal activity, and including embezzling, money laundering, thefts, ripoffs, and scams and con games of every type. And I will model myself on Bernard Madoff, Enron, or a crooked law firm. However to “prove” that I am a wonderful person and that my organization is legitimate, and so that the politicians, the New York Times, and the Scams FraudsFIXso Comical will “inform” and “educate” the general public as to how extremely wonderful, honest, and ethical myself and my organization are, I am going to spend one percent of my profits on such things as election campaign contributions, charitable contributions, and regularly treating newspaper reporters and such creatures as Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Bill Lockyer, Nancy Pelosi, local judges, and various members of the DA's office and US Attorney's office to steak and lobster dinners at fancy restaurants.


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