Corbett mum about next move

Riding off into the sunset…until further notice.

STATE SENATE | Democrats in the State Legislature gathered Monday to welcome new and returning legislators, but for the first time in eight years, without Ellen Corbett

In a retrospective article in the San Jose Mercury News, the now-former State Senate majority leader did not rule out running for public office in the future, but sidestepped any specifics.

“I have not foreclosed that,” she said in an interview last week in a San Lorenzo coffee shop, as she took a break from boxing up her district office. “I already have people asking me if I’ll run for different offices, but for now I’m happy taking a break and doing something new for a change. “I have my resume put together, I’ve been talking to people in the district and in Sacramento” about jobs that would make use of her public policy experience, she added.

One potential landing spot could be the Alameda County Board of Supervisors if District 3 Supervisor Wilma Chan, indeed, chooses to run in 2016 for the open seat left by termed out State Sen. Loni Hancock. However, Nancy Skinner and Sandre Swanson reportedly also have their eyes on the same seat.

Meanwhile, as shoppers too lazy to put some thought into choosing a thoughtful present turn resort to purchasing gift cards this holiday season, recall it was legislation authored by Corbett that prohibited card issuers from placing an expiration date on them and nabbing your remaining balance afterwards. Merry Christmas, East Bay.

8 thoughts on “Corbett mum about next move

  1. Well she couldn't be any worse than Nadia Lockyer. So I say she goes for it.

    She probably won't run for Congress again. But in 2016, how about Mary Hayashi as a challenger in CA-15?


  2. By MW:

    As you might have guessed from my previous post, I have a very low opinion of Alameda County's Public Works Agency.

    However tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM Wednesday, December 3, 2014, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will be having an UNINCORPORATED SERVICES COMMITTEE meeting at the Castro Valley Library's NEW location, and which is at 3600 Norbridge Avenue in Castro Valley.

    (NOTE: That meeting will be especially geared toward issues affecting San Lorenzo and Castro Valley.)

    The first item on the agenda is titled: “TREE ORDINANCE – INFORMATIONAL ITEM TO GATHER PUBLIC INPUT.”

    Scheduled to speak, and perhaps also answer questions, in regard to the TREE ORDINANCE are: one, the Public Works Agency itself; and two, evidently also one or more members of the Tree Advisory Board.

    Normally I would not expect in such a forum for the PWA and its co-conspirators to give the members of the general public anything except a lot of lies, garbage, and nonsense, and also a lot of clichés and platitudes about they supposedly are: one, there to serve the public; two, strongly committed to making AC a better, healthier, and safer place; and three, value our opinions.

    However when a sufficiently large number of people strongly unite against the PWA's lies, garbage, and nonsense, it will sometimes back down on an issue, and especially if it fears embarrassing newspaper publicity in regard to its outrageous and world class stupid conduct, and as was exemplified when PWA was forced to back down on some of its mentally retarded nonsense concerning the Flood Zone.

    And if Nate Miley, and who will most likely be at that meeting, engages in any of his fairly typical ranting and raving and yelling and screaming, say to him, “Nate, are you on drugs.”


  3. By MW:

    If Ellen Corbett does become the member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors representing District Three, will she actually decide to do anything, or will she merely continue the long tradition of some members of the AC Board of Supervisors, and especially in District Three, of mostly merely going through the motions and trying to look good and statesmanlike (or maybe I should have said “stateswomanlike”), but actually standing for little or nothing that might embarrass the higher ranking managers in such departments as AC's Public Works Agency!!!

    For instance, an excellent question is how many additional people in the coming years will be seriously injured, and in some cases killed, on the section of road in Castro Valley that has been nicknamed “Dead Man's Curve,” a section of road that for many years the Public Works Agency has been pretending to be thinking about repairing.

    NOTE: If the International Olympics should ever decide to include a competition in which section of government is the very “best” when it comes to manufacturing and engaging in lies, frauds, runarounds, and phony “investigations,” and in general stabbing the general public in the back and selling the general public downriver, the upper management of AC's Public Works Agency would very likely be awarded a gold medal.

    In fact, and even based on the “standards” of AC government, the PWA is unusually skilled at and extremely dedicated toward a culture of first, and In a secret and choreographed backroom fix, deciding what its policy, decision, and conclusion will be, but then later having the PR and window dressing of public hearings in which it pretends to be interested in what members of the general public have to say.

    To sum up, the upper management of AC's Public Works Agency is largely composed of creatures similar to MIT's Jonathan Gruber, in other words creatures who “know” they are so “extremely superior” and so “extremely intelligent,” that therefore they have the “right” to lie so as to subject us ordinary members of the public to what they “know” is “best” for us.

    In fact, usually the only way to get the upper management of the PWA to sometimes perform even slightly legitimately, and rather than merely as a cabal and conspiracy of extremely highly paid parasites and professional pathological liars, is to put it in a situation in which it greatly fears huge public embarrassment. For instance, a few years ago there was one particular situation in which a major safety hazard existed, and yet Public Works continued to stall, and obviously did not care even in the slightest that the continued existence of that safety hazard could have caused people to die. However since one of the local newspapers then published a front page article discussing that safety hazard and Public Works' lies and runarounds, so most likely the reason Public Works finally decided to allow it to be fixed, and after only about six months, and rather than continuing to stall forever, was that it was afraid that if some people died due to the continued existence of that blatant, flagrant, and completely obvious hazard, some people in Public Works upper management might have had to explain why they should have not been fired, and perhaps also be sent to prison for murder or manslaughter.


  4. Quan will now be running for state senate. She fell flat, has no place to go, and is going to pull a 'Hayashi.'

    As to Ellen, she has failed. She couldn't be elected to the local school board. She'll be shilling with Perata for Platinum in Sac. town. That's what most has-beens end up doing.


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