During safety walk to highlight prostitution on International Blvd; Quan mistakenly hops into a stranger’s car

Volunteers walk the streets on International Boulevard in Oakland, Dec. 5, to highlight public safety.
Mayor Jean Quan’s difficulties with personal
transportation continued Friday night.

OAKLAND | Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo couldn’t help cracking wise.

During a neighborhood safety walk he led last Friday evening on International Boulevard–also attended by Mayor Jean Quan–to highlight and deter criminal activity in his district, the out-going mayor mistook a car that pulled up beside the group for her own and got in.

Many in the large group walking International Boulevard watched quizzically as Quan approached the beaten down Toyota Corolla with a cracked windshield and hood badly oxidized by the weather and hopped in.

The driver and two passengers seated in the back seemed equally perplexed as to why a stranger was sitting in their vehicle. In fact, it was not readily apparent to Quan that she was in the wrong car for between 45 seconds and a minute before exiting.

When it became clear to onlookers that Quan had indeed entered the wrong vehicle, the group roared with laughter. One person joked, “There’s goes another missed YouTube moment.”

Quan, though, seemed visibly embarrassed as she returned to the sidewalk and walked away with the correct driver in the opposite direction, but not before Gallo loudly blurted out within feet of the mayor and her husband, “Ahhhhhhhh! She got in the car like she was hustling!”

15 thoughts on “During safety walk to highlight prostitution on International Blvd; Quan mistakenly hops into a stranger’s car

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  5. By MW:

    But what if the occupants of the car that Jean Quan mistakenly hopped into had decided not let her out of the car but instead to hold her for ransom!!!

    QUESTION: In other words, would anybody have been willing to pay even one penny to get her back? For instance if I had been an employee of the City of Oakland and a message had come across my desk demanding a ransom payment for the return of Jean Quan, I not only would have refused to pay even one penny to get her back, but furthermore would have offered the kidnappers big money to permanently keep her.


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  7. MW: “things have now declined to the point in Oakland”
    …due to the hard work of Mayor Quan in significantly reducing crime so that no one need have any fear about stepping into any car if one needs a ride, or on the other hand, of leaving one's car windows always down and at least one door just a little ajar in case an Oakland pedestrian desires a ride.


  8. By MW:

    While Oakland, and especially some neighborhoods in it, has gotten a reputation for troublesome situations and high crime rates, however until reading this article I was not aware that things have now declined to the point in Oakland and gotten so totally out of control that ordinary people driving down the street are not merely being harassed and accosted by thieves, robbers, and murderers, but also by no good sleazy, stupid, dizzy, and senile two bit joker politicians.

    Therefore next time I happen to be driving in Oakland, if I am in a neighborhood where there is any possibility of politicians being present, so as to keep the riff raff out of my vehicle I will make extra sure to keep my car doors extremely securely locked and my windows up all the way.


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