CONGRESS | 13TH DISTRICT | Rep. Barbara Lee attempted to shot down rumors she was eyeing a potential appointment as ambassador to Cuba. Currently, no such position exists and the U.S. does not have an embassy n iCuba. But, that doesn’t means there will not be one soon.

Lee told The Huffington Post there is no “gentlewomen’s agreement” between her and President Obama about taking the role in normalizing relations between the nations, as suggested this week by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I will not seek the nomination to be Ambassador to Cuba,” Lee told The Huffington Post. “I plan to continue the efforts to normalize relations with Cuba and the fight for our shared progressive values in Congress.”

She will not seek the job, but what if it is offered to her?

Speculation over whether Lee will end her tenure in office has a expiration date, at least, as it pertains to Cuba. And there are some big ifs predicated on whether Obama will even have the opportunity to nominate an ambassador before he is termed out of office at the end of 2016.