Tea Party insurgency at the Alameda County Republican Central Committee?

The Alameda County Republican Central
Committee is looking for a new chairperson.

ALAMEDA COUNTY GOP | Alameda County Republican Central Committee Chair Sue Caro helped register one of the local party’s biggest victories in years following the election last November of Assemblymember Catharine Baker.

Republicans in the Bay Area had been shut out of the Legislature for eight six year before Baker’s upset. In addition, Republicans knocked out two once-mighty Democrats in the June Primary—former lawmakers Ellen Corbett and Mary Hayashi.

Although, the party’s rise from oblivion has been slow and incremental, much of the credit has gone to Caro’s leadership. But, after two years on the job, she is not seeking re-election to the committee’s chair at tonight’s central meeting in San Leandro.

They list of possibly replacements include, Hugh Bussell, the current vice-chair who registered a stunning second-place primary finish over Corbett in the 15th Congressional District last June. Bussell’s election will likely continue Caro’s strategy of focusing on building a bench among local Republicans and, more importantly, getting out the vote on Election Day.

Some county conservatives, however, believe Caro is too moderate for the party. In fact, the central committee was plagued by insurgents before Caro’s tenure from the far right and idealistic libertarians backing Ron Paul. Both groups strongly advocated for party purity over the mechanisms of preparing the party for winning elections.

Those who describe Republican moderates as RINOs (Republicans in name only) are backing the candidacy of Kevin McGary, an African American member of the Tea Party from Hayward. McGary is also the chairman of the Frederick Douglas Foundation of California, a conservative group that believes in limited government.

The other conservative vying for the chairperson’s post is Lori Drake, a central committee member from the Tri Valley.

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  1. And then Christine O'Donnell (Drake) and Herman Cain (McGary) took over the ACRP to turn it into a tea party, after neither of them were involved in Catherine Baker's win in AD16. They were too busy playing footsie with Todd Aiken, I mean Tim Donnelly.
    Never, ever, underestimate the power of the Republican party to ruin it's own success.


  2. Nice post Sue. True to form.


  3. Wow, that first post certainly shows the Monger Republican Establishment is not only tone deaf, but sexist AND racist. Kudos to Lori Drake for returning the Alameda County Republican party back from autocracy to our foundations of We THE People and the legacy and wisdom of Lincoln.


  4. @Steven Tavares did you even fact check this article that Caro ghost wrote for you? There are no Tea Parties left in Alameda County, and there never has been a tea party in Hayward as you (sue) suggest regarding McGary. You have been used as a useful idiot to spread misinformation in this gossip piece. I recommend you do some actual reporting and talk to those you mention to get all perspectives, instead of taking the bait of those with personal agendas. Your credibility has taken a severe hit with this tripe. Go back to traffic reporting and learn to report facts.


  5. Got any proof the first poster was Sue? of course not
    Got any proof Munger is controlling the party? nope
    Does Lori have proof for any of the insinuations she made at the meeting? No, otherwise she would make an actual accusation, and back it up!
    How is the first post racist or sexist? If anything it shows a strong bias against idiots. It said nothing about a tea party in hayward. Does anyone read their own posts here?
    Lori was the caucus leader for AD16, yet she couldn't even hand out a single button for Catherine Baker? sounds like she isn't qualified and doesn't work for people in the party she disagrees with. (you know, what she is insinuating Sue does) But she is a member of Tea Party of CA, she said so herself in her first post running the ACRP facebook page


  6. Lori Drake… Ron Paul organizer. LOLOLOL. Won't be supporting this organization any more. Time for an alternative. I won't let myself be dictated to by kooks.


  7. Anonymous said…
    Under the old leadership, the Republican Party supported candidates who voted for Measure BB – the BART BAILOUT BILL that gives little or no money for roads, and lots of money for more bike and walkways and Special Interests pushing to build high density housing. All things the Tea Party folks probably oppose…But I know someone who attended the meeting who said the only one who mentioned the Tea Party was the guy who lost the election.
    So maybe you were not there! Anyway – the Alameda County Republican Party has been very weak for decades.in representing the voters and taxpayers. New leadership cannot make it worse — It could be a breath of fresh air, since the old leadership was not opposing things most people I know oppose — Like expensive EMPTY BUSES being paid for with our tax dollars and MANDATED from outside of our cities directives from OneBayArea and regional agencies who want to control our city zoning, forcing up our property taxes by making us to build high-density housing for “low-income and homeless” residents who never lived here but were invited in by our city councils and city bureaucrats, mandated to do so by these regional groups. – not the people who live here and pay the bills and want the quality of our schools and safety to remain unchanged. THAT WAS THE BIG ISSUE in the change of leadership I was told. If you oppose that — Then I guess you think the Republican Party should support the Democratic One Party System ruling our state that lies to us by building a train from Bakersfield to Fresno instead of SF to LA and was responsible for the new bridge to Oakland built by inferior Chinese Contractors with faulty bolts, cement pored improperly and said to be by one SF Engineer who was paid to inspect the bridge that it had serious faults – and it appears to be the old bridge was built far better than the new bridge which looks novel and fancy but could fall entirely into the sea in a very bad earthquake – when the old bridge would just lose a part of the structure as designed by the expert engineers we used to have years ago.

    January 22, 2015 at 1:20 PM


  8. The previous leadership of ACRP was heavily involved in drafting the ballot statements, getting media coverage, and organizing the No on BB campaign. They have also had several guest speakers opposing One Bay Area and done plenty to educate voters on ABAG and Agenda 21. And if that was the main issue, I certainly didn't hear Lori mention it in her speech. She did spend quite a bit of time bashing Sue Caro (who wasn't running) without explicitly accusing of her of anything (then she would actually show some proof).


  9. The Republican Party is fading away and soon to be passed by Declined to State. The Tea Party is even more out of touch. Just a bunch of old white dinosaurs who are ultra conservative.


  10. 1:55 pm

    There are many legitimate issues like these to be discussed and resolved. However, your rhetoric and tone do nothing to resolve problems. Try being more logical and rational, you may find yourself winning over more people.


  11. You hit my main point 5:59. Tea Party people aren't logical and rational and that's why they are rejected by a huge majority of the American people.


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