Oakland Councilmember #talkssh*t to Rand Paul

Talking tough: Councilmember Dan Kalb

OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | Councilmember Dan Kalb is one of the most wonky and unassuming members of the Oakland City Council. Apparently, assertions by Republican Sen. Rand Paul that childhood vaccinations cause mental disorders really gets his dander up.

Kalb attached the Twitter hashtag, #fuckingidiot to an article on the potential 2016 presidential candidate’s controversial comments.

Kalb’s office has not yet responded to whether the tweet was indeed created by the first term councilmember, a staffer or whether his account was compromised. The tweet, however, has remained on his feed for the entire day.

This would not be the first time Kalb has reacted to news stories in an upset, somewhat humorous manner. Last year, when the State Legislature initially scrapped a bill making kill-switches compulsory on all smartphones, Kalb’s public statement ineloquently began with, “The state senate did a dumb thing on smartphones today…” The bill was later signed into law.

Nevertheless, there appears to be general agreement with Kalb’s assessment of Paul, if not, his blunt use of language.


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