Proof Oakland is rising from multiple angles

OAKLAND | What the heck was going on here? Last Thursday, Mayor Libby Schaaf attended the launch party for SPUR, the urban planning think tank’s new office in Oakland, and then things got strange.

Soon, Schaaf was rising to the rafters like a multi-platinum disco queen performing at the Grammy’s. Twitter then lit up with multiple angles of Oakland’s new mayor reaching new heights.



The welcome party also has a distinct tie to Schaaf. Her recently named chief of staff, Tomiquia Moss, served as community planning policy coordinator for SPUR.

It also appears that Schaaf is not averse to heights. During a post-election profile in San Francisco Magazine, the author noted Schaaf’s ease for hanging over the ledge of the Tribune Tower to snap a selfie.

Meanwhile, where have you gone, Jean Quan?

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3 replies

  1. Proof or poof?

    News or snooze?


  2. By MW:

    There is no species of politician that knows more angles, and is also better at playing the angles, than the typical Bay area politician.

    In fact, most Bay area politicians spend so much time angling and playing the angles, that they become professional anglers, and therefore are almost engaged in something fishy.


  3. By MW:

    In my above post I left out one word, specifically “ALWAYS.”

    In other words the final phrase should have read “and therefore are almost ALWAYS engaged in something fishy.”


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